The holidays are here, and I can't think of a better way to get festive than with some seriously sweet Sour Patch Kids merch. The kids have dropped a special collection for the holidays, dubbed “Naughty Then Nice”. So stock up on candy and pick up some nice new merch, including SPK scented candles, socks, and obviously candy. 

Sour Patch Kids Scented Candles

Sour Patch Kids

Candle,, $13, shop now 

Fill your space with the sweet scents of Sour Patch Kids. With four delicious scents, you can choose between redberry, blue raspberry, watermelon, and lemon-scented. Each candle comes in a glass jar, with colorful drawings of Sour Patch Kids and quippy quotes.

Sour Patch Kids Happy Holidays Mix Box

Sour Patch Kids

Holiday mix,, $25, shop now

Surprise someone this year with a sweet and festive box with two pounds of mixed Sour Patch Kids. This box is perfect for sharing, or keeping all to yourself.

Sour Patch Kids “Try & Contain Yourself” Mug

Sour Patch Kids

Mug,, $13, shop now

Perfect for any coffee lover who loves SPK. This 11 ounce, yellow ceramic mug is printed with your favorite candy characters. This mug is perfect for holding warm beverages, or candy.

Sour Patch Kids Socks & Candy Gift Set

Sour Patch Kids

Gift Set,, $23, shop now

Who doesn’t love socks? Keep your feet defrosted with winter with these bright and colorful socks. Plus the one-pound bag of Redberry, pineapple, and lime Sour Patch Kids will cure all of your holiday snacking needs.

Giant Sour Patch Kids Video Conference Box

Sour Patch Kids

Candy Box,, 40, shop now

Perhaps the most relevant gift for this year, the Giant Sour Patch Kids Video Conference Box comes with over three pounds of candy inside. Filled with 9 bags of individually flavored Sour Patch Kids bags, this awesome sugar stash will get you through all of your video calls, and into 2021.