Like many others, I’ve been cooking up a storm these past few months. And now that I’m gearing up to head back to campus in the fall, I know that very soon I’ll have to get back into the routine of making quick, easy meals between classes in order to fuel my studies. Lucky for you, I’ve endured my fair share of tiny college kitchens and have narrowed down the essentials that will make your transition back to post-lecture meal prep as seamless as possible. These appliances will save you *so* much time in your kitchen, that you may even have a few extra hours between classes to test out some of the Tik Tok food hacks you’ve been eyeing before running off to class. 

1. Magic Bullet Mini Blender 

Magic Bullet, Walmart, $23; Shop Now 

From smoothies to dressings to soups, the Magic Bullet Mini Blender really does it all. The bullet may have an ultra-compact base, but its functions allow you to chop, blend or mix your way to a full meal within seconds - ultimately saving you both time and space. Plus, the Mini Bullet comes with various different to-go cups and lids, making it the key to a grab-and-go meal on your way to class.  

2. Frigidaire Retro Dry Erase Mini Fridge

Frigidaire, Walmart, $130; Shop Now

The mini fridge is, in my opinion, the most essential appliance in a college dorm room. I’ve used the same mini fridge for the past 3 years at school, so I can assure you that if you get one as soon as you can, your investment will truly pay off in the long run. The most important aspect of a mini fridge is a freezer component that’ll keep everything (from your favorite pint of ice cream to a handle of vodka for the pregame) nice and chilled. This Frigidaire Compact Fridge from Walmart has it all, without taking up any extra space—making it the perfect addition to any dorm room. Not to mention, it’s unique exterior allows you to write and erase messages on the front, letting you personalize it in any way you may choose. Keep forgetting your grocery list? Want to leave your roommate a note? This fridge has got you covered. 

3. Dash® Mini Skillet  

Dash®, Bed Bath & Beyond, $15; Shop Now

Who said a home cooked meal was impossible without an oven or a stove top? Retailing on Bed Bath and Beyond for under $20, the Dash 8-inch mini skillet makes it possible for you to scramble, stew, sauté and more without even leaving your desk. The skillet heats up to a whopping 450 degrees and the nonstick cooking surface makes it easy to clean. The skillet even comes with its own cookbook, full of recipes for individual meals or dinner for two (Spaghetti bolognese in my room, anyone?). 

4. Keurig Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig, Walmart, $78; Shop Now

I mean, let’s be honest, can you really make it through a lecture without any caffeine in your system? Then again, with a busy college schedule, there’s not always time between classes to get your fix. Thankfully, this Keurig Mini is here to solve all your caffeine qualms this semester. Only 5 inches wide, this magical mini brewer can churn out everything - from a Chai Latte to a French Roast - with just the touch of the button. Even if Starbucks has your heart, your wallet will thank you for grabbing a Keurig Mini Coffee Maker for your dorm room (not to mention, it’ll save you the inevitable embarrassment of showing up late to class with an iced coffee in hand).

5. Desk Pantry 

SALT™, Bed Bath & Beyond, $40; Shop Now

Snacking - an quintessential part of college life. No matter how much free time we have in our school days, sometimes a sit down meal just feels impossible. Whether it’s protein bars, nuts, popcorn or chips we all have our go to snacks and we need a place to put them (readily accessible, of course). Luckily, the SALT storage cart from Bed Bath and Beyond has 3 tiers, providing ample, yet compact room for your personal favorites. Moreover, the shelf has two locks that make it easy to attach to your desk or bed frame, ensuring that a full belly is never more than a few steps away. 

Happy shopping!