There is nothing like sitting down at the table for dinner on a brisk, fall night and having your furry friend right at your feet—except it is usually a serious stare down resulting in a guilty feeling.

The inspiration for this article comes from my two Great Pyrenees, Shayla and Garrison. They get into everything, but a few years ago, during the holidays, the two of them ate over thirty creme de menthe brownies. We could smell mint through their noses as they slept (passed out) from their delicious victory.

Thankfully, they are large enough to not be affected by the chocolate, but the idea of safe foods for dogs got me thinking. Here are some snack options that will have every furry friend wagging their tails this Thanksgiving.

1. Meatballs 

Virginia Hamilton

Meatballs are a great treat for your pup, but make sure there is no onion or sauce on the meat. Otherwise this is a fun occasional dinner option for bonding with your furry friend. 

2. Peanut Butter

This is a worldwide favorite for pups to snack on. Place peanut butter on dog cookies or even inside a toy for a long, lasting treat. You can't go wrong with anything covered in peanut butter in the eyes of a dog.

3. Deviled Eggs

A holiday family favorite just became even more popular! Before adding mayonnaise and paprika, set aside a few plain deviled eggs for doggy appetizers.  

4. Green Beans

We all have that cousin that "drops" green beans on the floor... Okay, it's you. But now your pup can play clean up duty. Green beans are a great source of plant fiber for dogs and will have them happier and healthier than ever. 

5. Pumpkin

pizza, pumpkin
Virginia Hamilton

Before baking that delicious pumpkin pie with grandma, save a piece of pumpkin as a fall-themed dog treat. On top of that, pumpkin does a great job of regulating your pup's digestive track. No tummy aches this year.

These simple safe snacks will have your pup loving life. Remember to enjoy the beautiful weather with a long walk or a fun hike and a snack!