Once October comes around the corner, the feelings of fall and upcoming holidays become real: winds get colder, scarves and beanies slowly make their way out of the closet, coffee or hot cocoa comes to mind more often and the excitement for Thanksgiving hits you gradually as it approaches. Thanksgiving is great because you finally get the opportunity to travel home, be with family and of course, eat to your heart’s content. The traditional dishes are really great and all, but do you ever wonder if there could be anything else to eat for dessert besides pie? Have no fear! Here are five recipes for Thanksgiving dessert that deserve a place at the table.

1. Pumpkin Donuts

thanksgiving dessert

Photo courtesy of dailydishrecipes.com

Tasty with or without a side of vanilla ice cream, here are some soft, moist and fluffy bites of pumpkin pie! Wouldn’t mind if I had leftovers for breakfast.

2. Pumpkin Pie Dip

thanksgiving dessert

Photo by Katherine Baker

This super easy and yummy recipe will get you wanting to eat more with every bite. Not only is it addicting but also fun to eat with graham crackers or Nilla wafers!

3. Apple Pie Pull Apart Bread

thanksgiving dessert

Photo courtesy of thecomfortofcooking.com

This may be messier to eat than the normal apple pie, but it sure sounds tastier and more entertaining to eat. Maybe even add a nice, warm cup of coffee on the side!

4. Apple Pie Cupcakes

thanksgiving dessert

Photo courtesy of inspiredtaste.net

Why are small circular foods more exciting to eat? This new twist on apple pie will get your taste buds asking for more!

5. Pecan Pie Cake

thanksgiving dessert

Photo courtesy of somethingswanky.com

Never thought that pie could be turned into a cake, right? This cake would look beautiful on the table, on your plate, or even in your belly with a glass of milk.

It’s time to move the traditional pies aside and bring in the new flare to the table that’ll get you, your family and your guests drooling for more!