As college students, caffeine is our best friend. Coffee isn't always the best route for overcoming the hurdles of life — take this from a girl who grows sleepy after drinking a Starbucks grande coffee with an extra shot of espresso. There is, in fact, a different flavor of tea for every feeling and phase college students weather. Here are five different teas to have on hand for every situation you may encounter.

1. When you're up late studying: Earl Grey

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Christine Kim

If you're up late at the library studying, falling into a pit of despair, Earl Grey is the tea to get you reenergized and feeling sophisticated. After all, Earl Grey tea is named after a British Prime Minister, so get motivated.

2. When it's sweater weather outside: Black Tea

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Caroline Grew

On windy days when you're all bundled up and ready to lounge by the fire, snag any black tea from your cupboard, put your feet up, and put on the fake fireplace on Netflix. If you're craving a sweeter tea, opt for Chai. Learn how to make your own here.

#SpoonTip: Skip the milk in your Chai unless you're feeling a latte.

3. When it's time for bed: Sleepytime Tea

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Madeline Hueske

Having trouble sleeping? Been there. Looking for a drink to soothe your troubles? Sleepytime tea is the one for you. Personally, my favorite brand is Celestial Seasonings, but any bedtime remedy will do, like Traditional Medicinal's Nighty Night tea. Sleepytime tea will put your mind at ease and tranquilize your body for bedtime.  

4. When you feel a sore throat coming on: Medicinal Tea

Tea is great for soothing any sort of ailment. If you even think a sore throat is coming on, go out and buy a huge box of Traditional Medicinal's Throat Coat tea. Not only will a cup or two of this tea soothe your aching throat, but it is delicious and you'll want even more. Throat Coat is also a perfect drink for when you lose your voice. 

5. When you're hungover: Herbal Tea

Katie Luchette

The morning after a long night out with your friends, you're bound to need a different kind of drink to help you recover. Grab yourself a glass of herbal tea — try herbs like fennel, mint, or chamomile if you want to take it easy on your stomach and allow it unwind. If you're stuck with a headache, add some honey to sweeten it up.

Next time you're in a funk, have no fear because tea is here.