It’s tea time and for all the tea lovers out there, these 5 recipes are a must-try. For years, it seems like tea lovers have been getting the short end of the stick in a world filled with coffee-flavored desserts. But fear not, these recipes recreate the warmth, health benefits, and comfort of a great cup of tea, all in irresistible dessert form. If you’re looking for a new way to get your daily tea fix or just a great treat to enjoy with your tea, try any one of these recipes and you will not be disappointed.

1. Black Tea Cake with Honey Buttercream


Photo courtesy of A Pastry Affair

This might possibly be the best cake you ever have. The tea infused milk gives this cake a warm, floral taste, that perfectly mirrors a sip of tea, the mixed in tea leaves gives it a rich speckled color, and the honey butter cream rounds out all the flavors of a great cup of English breakfast tea. Try the genius recipe from A Pastry Affair.

2. Chai Latte Popsicles


Photo courtesy of Babble

All the flavors of you favorite latte in a popsicle? Yes please! This is the perfect summertime treat and the recipe from The Kitchn couldn’t be simpler. If you’re looking to replace your morning fix, these popsicles are a must try. Make them the night ahead of time, and grab one on your way out the door in the morning.

3. Green Tea Mousse Cake


Photo courtesy of Mama Loi Loi

With all the benefits of a green tea in a cheese cake, this cake is a show stopper. The color is gorgeous and the flavor is spot on.  Try this cake recipe for your next special occasion. No matter when you make this cake, it will not fail to satisfy your green tea craving.

4. Earl Grey Short Bread Cookies


Photo courtesy of Vaikai ir Vanilé

If you’re looking to feel classy and British when getting your next tea fix, this Food Network recipe is a must try. Nothing is more British than enjoying a biscuit with tea; these cookies combine the two. The Earl Grey tea gives them a subtle citrus flavor that makes them satisfying, but not overwhelming.

5. Black Tea Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of Ice Cream Daily

Tea and ice cream together are a match in heaven. This ice cream is perfect for those summer days when it’s too hot to break the tea kettle. The recipe from Leni and Viv might be a little more on the involved side, but for any tea connoisseur this ice cream is a can’t miss.