IU tailgates are the best no doubt, but Homecoming is the biggest and greatest of all. So let’s make it even better with these delicious snacks every Hoosier will enjoy.

1. Irish Coffee


Photo courtesy of replicacare.com

Homecoming at IU means an early morning for most tailgaters and if you’re 21+ you’ll most likely be making your way to Breakfast Club at KOK bright and early Saturday morning. So why not begin the long day of drinking with some Bailey’s Irish Cream in your coffee, you can wake yourself up while getting an early start on your buzz.

2. Pizza Dip


Photo courtesy of sweetcarolinescooking.com

What college student doesn’t love pizza? But who has the money for enough pizza from Mother Bear’s to feed a whole tailgate party? Pizza Dip is your solution.

3. KFC


Photo courtesy of Flckr, James

Even as a kid, my tailgates always had fried chicken. It’s the best, and easiest way to feed a big group of people. But if you want something with a little more flavor, you can never go wrong with some wings from Buffalouie’s. I mean let’s be honest, what better way to soak up all that alcohol than some greasy chicken?

4. Mini Carmel Apples


Photo courtesy of mylitter.com

Of course you have to have something sweet, and of course it should go with the season, fall is the best in Bloomington. These mini carmel apples are a hit on Pinterest so why not make your party a hit with them.

5. Beer, Beer, Beer


Photo by Flckr user sleight82

Whether you drink it from a bottle or a can. Whether you chug it or bong it. No Hoosier tailgate is complete without some beer. And don’t forget to Drink Local.

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