Have you ever pondered in the snack bar aisle of the supermarket, unsure of which of the 100 choices to sample? Are you looking for a bar that is wholesome and healthy yet fantastic-tasting? Well, look no further. Here are five superfood snack bars high in protein and complex carbohydrates, free from refined sugar, corn syrup, chemical preservatives, artificial ingredients and other nasties but most importantly, utterly delicious.

Perfect Bar

Photo courtesy of perfectbar.com

Hailing from sunny San Diego, these nutty-licious almond or peanut butter bars are non-GMO, gluten free, sweetened with organic honey, and packed with protein. The honey also acts as a natural preservative. This is why you have to look for these bars in the refrigerator aisle of the supermarket. Not to mention that they contain dried powders of organic fruit and veggies, so you are basically eating a delicious snack bar and a salad at the same time, right?

GoMacro Bar

Photo courtesy of gomacro.com

These vegan bars are known for their distinct soft, chewy texture. In addition, you get a healthy dose of protein from their plant-based, organic protein powders derived from brown rice and peas. With flavors like peanut butter chocolate chip and granola coconut, you no longer have to sacrifice nutrition for taste. Who says vegan food cannot be delectable?

And for those basketball fans out there, did you know that the Clippers had one of the biggest comebacks in NBA Playoffs after being introduced to these bars?

Health Warrior

snack bars

Photo courtesy of healthwarrior.com

Let’s talk chia – yes, it is small. But it is full of superfood powers – earning itself the title “runner’s food” by powering the Tarahumara Indians on their legendary long-distance runs. Instead of eating a big spoon of whole chia seeds, how about indulging yourself in one of Health Warrior’s many mouthwatering chia seed bars? Or, if you are like me, try eating a mango bar and a coconut bar together, you’ll feel like you are running on the sandy beaches of Hawaii.

GoRaw Bar

Photo courtesy of goraw.com

These bars are 100% raw and packed with sprouted seeds. What does that mean you ask? Raw foods are loaded with enzymes that help our bodies properly digest and assimilate food to maximize their nutritional values. Similarly, sprouting activates the dormant seeds and starts the germination process which unlocks their dense nutrients. Sweetened with organic dates, they come in scrumptious flavors like banana bread, apricot, and pumpkin.

Amrita Bars

Photo courtesy of amritahealthfoods.com

If your dietary needs prevent you from eating gluten, dairy, peanuts and/or soy, Amrita bars may be your perfect snack. Free from whey and soy, these bars are made from brown rice protein and dried fruits, together with a rich blend of raw sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. They provide essential proteins and fats without the added allergens. Delicious hints of vanilla and Himalayan pink salt add to the taste and flavor balance. Try a chocolate maca bar for your next breakfast on-the-go and you won’t be scolded for eating chocolate for breakfast by your mother.