Last summer, I worked in a vegan restaurant and juice bar. Besides waiting tables, my main job was to make smoothies and juices. So it’s safe to say I learned some tricks (as well as delicious smoothie recipes I’ll never forget) to make the best smoothie. Here’s what I learned:

1. Ice is important. One of my first days on the job I made the mistake of leaving out the ice in a chocolate smoothie. Needless to say, a room-temp smoothie isn’t all that tasty. Aside from making the smoothie cold, ice thickens it, which is a key component to a good smoothie.

2. Sweetener is almost always essential. Honey and agave are great options, but pitted dates add just as much sweetness as well as calcium and fiber. Without sweetener, your smoothie will be a little bland.

3. Bananas are a must. They add sugar, thickness, and tons of nutrients.

Photo by Julie Haupin

4. Almond milk makes a great, low calorie base for any flavor of smoothie. It’s not as thick as milk and has a neutral flavor, so you can go in any direction with it.

5. Adding a slice of avocado will add some healthy creaminess to your smoothie. Try it in a smoothie with some cocoa powder for a chocolate milkshake type of taste.


Photo by Caitlin Schnak

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