Now that the first day of Fall is officially upon us, (gasp), it’s time to take advantage of all the summer produce still left at Georgetown’s market. So, here are the top five farmer’s market finds to nab before the chill of autumn sets in.

1. Tomatoes

Farmer's Market

Photo by Corinne Odom

Maybe tomatoes aren’t your thing, but even if you think you hate them, eat a tomato grown in the late summer. I promise it will change your mind. A great way to use them is in a bruschetta, because when do bread and cheese not make a dish fantastic?

2. Peaches

Farmer's Market

Photo by Xinwei Zeng

Arguably the most popular summer fruit, peaches are good no matter what you do to them. This time, instead of just eating all the peach slices at the sample table, buy a few of your own and add them to one of these nine recipes.

3. Corn

Farmer's Market

Photo by Wallis Linker

What’s summer without corn on the cob? Corn is an integral component for every cookout, the building block of tangy salsas, and the most annoying thing to get stuck in your teeth. Teeth-related problems aside, corn is amazing and you should toss it into this salad immediately.

4. Berries (of any kind)

Farmer's Market

Photo by Emma Delaney

Even though grocery stores have berries all year round, their technical season is during the summer months, and they always tend to be sweeter around this time of year. Before berries go sour, use them in this molten lava cake recipe (uh, yum), or freeze them to keep them for the winter months when you have forgotten what sunshine even looks like.

5. Plums

Farmer's Market

Photo courtesy of Michelle Tribe

Plums are arguably one of the most ignored summer fruits, in my opinion, a sad and undeserved title. Although their season extends to October, snack on ’em now because their peak deliciousness is happening as we speak.