As the proud co-owner of the Instagram handle @meatballsandmojitos, I understand the struggles of an Instagram foodie on a personal level. It changes both your personal eating habits and your social eating experiences for the better (and worse). This brings me to the five struggles that only my fellow Insta-foodies would understand.

1. That moment of sadness when a restaurant has terrible lighting

You hear about a delicious new food spot; you gather your friends and make the trek, only to realize that the dim lighting won't do the delicious food any justice. Sometimes you accept defeat, but sometimes the situation calls for some improv, which brings me to my next struggle.

2. Group participation to get the perfect photo

If you encounter the struggle listed in number one, it may be time to call in back up. Eating with friends means you have impromptu lighting and prop services at your disposal. Don't pretend like you haven't had a few friends shine their phone lights on the dish so you can avoid the dreaded food-flash.

3. Explaining to your friends that you need the perfect photo before they can eat

It's time to convince your friends that a good photo is worth the anticipation of being able to look (but not touch) their meals. Everybody gets to eat once you've got the Insta-worthy pic. The angry glares are worth it when you think about the shower of Instagram likes you'll get later.

4. Intentionally sitting outside for good lighting

Sometimes sacrifices need to be made for the perfect lighting. It may be chilly or windy, but if the lighting is on point, you'll be sitting on the patio to take those photos (at least until the food comes). No shame. That counts as appreciating the "great outdoors" right?

5. Ordering the most famous/aesthetic dish

Often times, unfortunately, that dish everybody has been raving about is the most expensive. Maybe the most Insta-worthy item on the menu isn't the one you really wanted to order. But if you're trying to promote what the restaurant is notorious for, it calls for some compromising. 

The struggle can get very real, but it's worth it in the end. Being able to try countless dishes while advising the Instagram world on the what's-what in the foodie community is an experience like no other. Give your local foodie accounts a follow and show them some love; you never know what went on behind the scenes to get that perfect photo.