It’s interesting how we can relate music to everything that encapsulates our mind at any given moment. Even when it comes to food, we feel differently each day.

This makes me think of how I find myself humming certain songs whilst I crave a special treat or a day out, or feel like spending a quiet day in.

So, here’s my list of five songs that remind us of different food temperaments:

1. The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars


Photo by Tarunima

This song could be an anthem for lazy Sundays. When you are exhausted from the week that was, with no care about the hard work that will ensue, fast food takeaways are your best friends. Better still, home delivered meals make sure you “do nothing at all” in the kitchen.

2. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths


Photo by Paavani Jain

While most songs by The Smiths are full of mordant humor, they are still about ordinary life and people. There are days when you feel like going somewhere “where there’s music and there’s people, and they’re young and alive” to break the monotony of routine life.

Although I agree that on a deeper level the song talks about something else entirely, sometimes it is just the right incidental music for a day out.

3. Yellow by Coldplay


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While composing the song’s lyrics, Chris Martin could not find a word that fit the song’s concept completely. He then noticed a Yellow Pages telephone directory, and with that he found the missing word.

So, I feel the song has an ability to connote anything, really. The mellowness can denote autumn leaves or even cheese lasagna. On most days, it is the latter for me.

Cheese lasagna is tempting enough to entice me from my diet. Incidentally, while writing the rest of the song Martin tried his best to change “yellow” to something else. In the end, it just sounded right. Cheese lasagna—“You know I love you so.”

4. Sugar by Maroon 5


Photo by Aakanksha Joshi

This is for when you are feeling downcast and you “need a little sweetness in your life.” This song will make you hunger for everything sweet—it’s not just the lyrics.

Don’t we all laud Maroon 5 for doing the sweetest thing while filming the song’s video? Sugar is addictive. While our mothers won’t stop reminding us that craving sugar is a canary in a coal mine, we live in a country that has infinite sources to get a sugar fix.

5. Life in Color by OneRepublic


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When you don’t know what you want to eat but are hankering for “some kind of glow.” You want something refreshing, albeit can’t put a finger on what it is. Suddenly you see a store selling Rainbow Nerds—the sun bursts, the clouds break and your life is complete.

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