As Americans, we're eating enough protein in our diets. Guys especially, from teenagers to adults are getting enough protein, some may even say too much.

But sometimes it's a matter of when the protein is being eaten, how the daily amount is being met, and what kind of protein sources are being eaten that need to be focused on. 

Eating meat, tofu, or plant-based proteins at every meal is one way to ensure that you'll stay full until your next meal, but sometimes it's good to keep snacks on hand that give you a little extra protein. It's especially important if you're not eating a ton of meat or protein-dense foods at breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The recommendation for women is to have about 46g of protein each day, and 56g for men. Keeping that in mind, pair one of these protein-packed snacks with a piece of whole fruit. It's the perfect way to hold you over until lunch time, and add a new source of protein to your dinner to curb the late night munching.

1. Ips Pop and Chips

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Sarah Silbiger

Marketed as "the protein snack", Ips Snacks are made with whole grains and whey protein to satisfy hunger between meals without compromising taste. With up to 6g of protein in a serving, they hit the spot. The servings aren't deceitfully small, another bonus to these tasty treats. 

2. Dry Roasted Edamame

Sarah Silbiger

A convenient alternative to another great snack of edamame in the pods, roasted edamame are dried and easy for an on the go snack.  Not only is it 13g of protein per each 1/3 cup serving, but there's also fiber and folate for added nutrition. Snack on some edamame to ensure you'll stay full until your next meal. 

3. Soba Noodles

Sarah Silbiger

Soba noodles are made of buckwheat and are traditionally a Japanese staple. They make for a great base to a noodle salad, dish, or snack. Mixed with leafy greens, soy sauce and orange slices, soba noodles pack in the protein as a base with 6g per serving. 

4. Hippeas

Sarah Silbiger

Hippeas are made with chickpea flour, and a whole lot of passion for changing the world. "Packed with good vibes", these puff snacks can help you channel your inner kid missing cheese puffs from an acceptable diet without feeling guilty. They're gluten free, vegan and made without artificial preservatives. Hippeas have 4g of protein per serving, and a whole love of flavor and love. 

5. POW! Pasta

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Sarah Silbiger

For those out there that may not be getting enough protein, whether it's because of a more limited diet or preference, a smart way to incorporate more protein in your diet is with plant-based pastas, like POW! Pasta. Made of green lentils, 14g of protein are packed in a 2 oz serving on its own. And that doesn't even include any other ingredients in a dish that may have added protein power. 

Protein is not the answer.

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Christin Urso

Sometimes there's a misconception that adding protein to the diet in substitution for carbohydrates or fat is a healthy and beneficial diet to maintain.

These protein-packed recommendations are meant as a guide for times of the day where protein may be lacking and hunger takes over. It's also for those who find incorporating protein is a challenge. 

It's important to create a balanced diet full of fresh produce and whole foods, especially if you're not getting the full amount of nutrients in your daily diet.

These high protein snacks and meal bases are a great way to get added protein if you're lacking throughout the day. Even if you are getting enough protein, these snacks are a healthy way to hold you over until your next meal.