As college students, we can feel super limited sometimes when it comes to food and our dorm room. But, you’d be surprised at how easy it actually is to create incredible meals that impress all your friends with just a dorm room and a little creativity.

Check out these dorm room snacks and prepare to be amazed.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Coming in at only $0.49 per serving, this chip dip combo won’t break the bank or your party budget. Just make sure to get these affordable ingredients from your nearest ALDI to save some serious dough. Get the recipe here.

Breakfast Tacos

So we’ve all heard by now that you can make eggs in the microwave, right? Once you’re a pro at nuking ’em, you can kick it up a notch with these breakfast tacos. Head on over to your nearest ALDI, gather up these ingredients, and start assembling this supa easy but flavorful breakfast taco for only $1.40 per serving. Get the recipe here.

Hazelnut Frozen Yogurt

Forget the pay by weight at froyo shops. Now you can make your own self-serve without leaving your dorm with this homemade hazelnut frozen yogurt recipe. Thanks to the ingredients at ALDI, we found the perfect combo of 2 go-to dorm ingredients to create an epic post-class, post-workout, post-studying or post-party snack. And it only cost $0.61 per serving. Huzzah. Get the recipe here.

Frozen Banana Bites

You’ve got a freezer. You’ve got access to your nearest ALDI. You’ve got time on your hands (why study early when you can cram, amirite?). You can do this. Grab these 4 ingredients and create a (somewhat) healthy yet tasty snack that’ll only cost you $0.95. Whoa. Talk about a #flawless dessert. Get the recipe here.

French Toast Waffles

Head over to ALDI, grab some frozen waffles and a few fresh ingredients, and turn ’em into the gourmet french toast you can’t afford for only $0.55. In under fifteen minutes. In your microwave. This is real. Get the recipe here.