We’ve all been that student opening noisy food packaging and getting stares on the silent floor, or crunching through a bag of chips during a lecture and praying the professor doesn’t glare at you. Eating loud snacks can be, well, awkward.

The trick to covert snacking in places where you probably should not be eating is choosing soft foods with minimal packaging. Here’s a list of the quietest eats to get you started.



Photo by Steven Baboun

The ultimate quiet floor food. From peeling to chowing down, it’s impossible to be loud while eating bananas. Besides the pleasant smell wafting from the peel, no one will even know you’ve snacked.



Photo by doitandhow.com

I’m not talking about a sub sandwich with its crunchy, loud paper wrapping. I’m talking about a regular old sandwich from home with something soft inside. Nutella? Heck yes. Cold cuts and cheese? Go for it. PB & J? Classic. Just remember to use a sandwich baggie or plastic wrap that won’t wake up the kid next to you.

Pita and Hummus


Photo by Korrie Mitchel

Now it’s time to get fancy. Try a pita (or torn-up wrap) with a side of hummus. But don’t forget, there is such thing as loud Tupperware, so opt for a plastic bag instead.

Muffins and Cake


Photo by Steven Baboun

We’re looking at you brownies, soft cookies, cakes and muffins. Just try to avoid foods that are too crumbly because then the mess you make will overshadow the fact that you ate it silently.

Water Bottles


Photo by Stephen Laud

Turns out eco-friendly water bottles are also the quietest ones. They offer a great silent way to stay hydrated during long nights of cramming in the library.

If your stomach grumbles during class, keep in mind the special formula to guarantee quiet snacking: soft foods – loud packing = perfect silent snacks. Now stock up, because snack time is all the time.

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