A lot of everyday problems that people suffer with for years on end can often be attributed to some degree of a food allergy. For most people, this ends up being an intolerance or sensitivity to a certain food and not a full on allergy. 

Personally, I overlooked the possibility of such cases because the symptoms don't take the form of common and more serious flu-like symptoms. However, once I realized the ability that food has on the health of my body inside and out, I have started to become very attentive to what I eat and the way my body reacts to it. 

1. Dark Circles

I found out about this one because I, myself, suffer from really bad dark under eye circles. After years of trying different eye creams, gimmicky products, and even a good sleep schedule, nothing seemed to solve the issue. It wasn't until I turned to Google with this problem, that I read about this being a common tell-tale sign of a food intolerance.

Knowing that my dark circles have nothing to do with the amount of sleep I'm getting, I've begun turning to different food sensitivities to try and solve the issue. I haven't actually been able to figure this one out yet, but I'm still adamantly trying.

2. Bloating

This is easily one of the biggest signs that you have a food intolerance. Intolerances to foods simply mean that your body can't properly digest what you're eating, and this very often is the main cause of a constantly bloated stomach.

I can seriously relate to this one as well. In high school I was constantly feeling both insecure about myself and physically uncomfortable because of the bloating. Ever since, I've cut out up to 95% of the dairy I use to consume and the bloating rarely ever returns. Dairy is commonly one of the biggest culprits of bloating, so it's really worth paying attention to.

3. Headaches

This is a tricky one since tons of people experience headaches or even migraines. Certain food sensitivities are able to trigger a headache or migraine, so knowing what these foods are and eliminating them could save you a lot of misery. 

4. Acne 

Acne, the culprit of many teen self-confidence issues. For those of us leaving behind the years of "teen angst" and officially stepping into our twenties, still having to deal with acne can be one of the biggest confidence killers.

If you've tried everything at the dermatologist and every kind of face wash out there but still can't seem to solve the problem, try looking into food intolerances. You never know, this could be the secret cure-all. For me, the elimination of dairy has helped my skin tremendously. It seems like dairy was a huge issue for my body, and not consuming it has cleared up more than one problem. 

5. Lack of Energy

Something I think all of us college kids can relate to, but some people are constantly tired no matter how much sleep is had or coffee is chugged. If there is a certain food that your body is sensitive to, your body is using up a lot more energy trying to digest it. So your daily source of energy is depleting every time you consume that certain food.

There are a ton of miracle stories about how a basic food sensitivity test has cured someone of problems they've been suffering from for years. If you suffer from any of these five symptoms on a daily basis, hopefully a big change in your life is coming soon.

I can say from personal experience that it is definitely worth noting how your body reacts to certain foods and the possibilities that could come from being aware of your food sensitivities. I not only am more confident with a lot of physical features cause of the changed I've made, but also feel vastly different in terms of my overall health.