Whether a trail of toilet paper followed you out of the bathroom or you forgot to cut the price tag off your jacket, first dates can be rough. And there’s always the guarantee of that eventual, awkward lull in conversation. Worst of all, noone wants the “Hey, uhh, you got a little somethin’ right there” comment. As you mull over your restaurant options, use this guide to avoid the major date-night no-go’s in Austin, Texas.

1. Bananarchy

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Don’t let those cute outdoor picnic tables and occasional live music fool you. This is not an invitation to accept from the hot guy in your government class. You’re eating a frozen banana dipped in chocolate. Please picture that for a second. It could be covered in gold and it still wouldn’t look good entering your mouth. Spare yourself the awkwardness.


Photo by Gabe Albert

 2. Franklin Barbecue

Because it’s impossible not to get barbecue sauce on the side of your mouth. If your date is shy, they’ll pretend like nothing is there. If they’re bold, they’ll tell you to fix the situation. I’m not sure which scenario is worse. Don’t make the trip to Franklin’s and avoid the small panic attack you’ll receive when checking the bathroom mirror half-way through dinner.


Photo by Erick Von Trapp

 3. Gourdough’s

Lets not beat around the bush: your significant other is not going to enjoy watching you stuff yourself with a donut bigger than your face. Gourdough’s is one of those places you should Favor to the comfort of your own apartment, eaten in complete solitude or over laughs with your girlfriends and only under deserving circumstances.


Photo by Wally Gobetz


 4. Torchy’s Tacos

The food in the tacos will fall out before it even makes it to your mouth. I can see it now: lettuce in the hair, queso on the sleeve of your shirt. Don’t make your date sit through that. Also, there’s this thing called beans. Gas just makes you and everyone else in a 5 ft. radius uncomfortable.


Photo by John at Luvs2Eat


 5. Hopdoddy Burger Bar

This is a popular one. But lets be honest, nobody wants to see your mouth open that wide. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to escape this situation once you’re already in it. It’s not like you can just bring out the fork and knife and cut away, right? And you’re at Hopdoddy so you’re obviously not going to order a salad (do they even have those on the menu?). There’s quite simply no way out. The fries are also covered in garlic, so have fun at the doorstep moment.


Photo by Tori Lesikar

So, where should you take your honey? Here are some awesome date venues within walking distance to campus.