Imagine if you could be rewarded for doing the one thing you loved most .. that's right, I'm talking about eating. 

Rewards are here and we hope they're here to stay. No longer do you have to feel guilty about ordering that extra cookie, because it just earned you bonus reward points! has put together a credit card guide that outlines possible rewards you can receive such as cash back, points or miles when using certain credit cards. 

The Uber Visa Card and the Savor Rewards from Capital One were tied for the best dining rewards.

However, these credit cards are no longer the only way to earn rewards points!

Let's take a look at 5 restaurant reward programs that will help earn you some free food: 

1. Dominos 

Late night, who ya gonna call? Dominos! Now there's no reason to feel guilty about your calls to Dominos after a night out. 

Every order is equivalent to 10 points. Unless your order is over $10, then you earn 20 points. Once you earn 60 points you are eligible for a free medium two topping pizza. 

2. Chipotle  

Craving a burrito bowl? Don't forget to log your points! Ordering online or scanning your member code when ordering in store allows you to rack up reward points. For every dollar spend, you earn 10 points. The rest is simple ... you eat. Once you reach 1250 points you score a free entree.

3. Panera 

If you are an avid Panera goer you may already be a MyPanera member. Whenever you go to Panera make sure to present your card to the cashier so that they can log that you were there. There is no point system at Panera, instead they surprise you every few visits with a little treat they know you will enjoy based on past purchases. 

Rewards could be everything from $2 off a you pick two to a free cookie from the bakery. Hip, hip, hooray

4. Dunkin Donuts 

America runs on Dunkin, so why not join in on their Perks Program. In order to begin claiming your rewards you must first create a DD account with an active DD card. You are able to load money on your DD card in store, online, or on your mobile app. 

Members receive a one-time bonus of 200 points when they first enroll in this program. After this, members earn five points for every $1 spent. Every 200 Perks Points earned will get you a free beverage of any size. 

5. Chick-fil-A 

For all you chicken lovers, make sure you are part of Chick-fil-A One. This is their tiered membership program that allows you to earn points with every purchase.

The amount a member spends determines whether they are a Chick-fil-A One Member, Chick-fil-A One Silver Member, or a Chick-fil-A Red Member. Silver members earn 1,000 points a year while red members earn 5,000 points a year. 

Your points can then be used to redeem available rewards, which will be listed on your app or on your online profile. 

It's time to start eating! Those rewards won't earn themselves.