Everyone loves challah, and Northwestern is even lucky enough to have student group Challah For Hunger baking this delicious bread every week on campus. But sometimes eating day-old, plain challah can get a little boring. So after you’ve nibbled and noshed on half the loaf, try using your leftover challah in some deliciously creative ways.

1. Challah French Toast

This recipe is super quick and easy. Try adding some berries  for a boost of sweetness.

leftover Challah

Photo courtesy of toriavey.com

2. Challah Bread Pudding

This recipe shows you how to make bread pudding that you can microwave in a mug. Cube your challah and in less than 10 minutes, you’ll have a single serving of warm, gooey bread pudding.

leftover Challah

Photo by Kelda Baljon

3. Grilled Challah Nutella Sandwich

This recipe is perfect for chocolate lovers. For a healthier twist, add strawberries, bananas or nuts.

leftover Challah

Photo courtesy of www.munchkinmunchies.com

4. Challah Croutons

Bake cubed challah in the oven and instantly up the flavor on your favorite salads.

leftover Challah

Photo by Justin Shannin

5. Challah PB&J

Spread some of your favorite peanut butter onto challah and top with sliced bananas for a tastier, more satisfying take on a classic sandwich.

leftover Challah

Photo by Ashley Gilmore