Spoon University GCU is a new club on campus, but what is it?

And why should you join? Here are five reasons Spoon University GCU is the club for you:

1. You have a passion for food


Image by Rachel Park

Food is all around us and we need it to survive. Food is also an artistry, something that everyone can enjoy. Food can unite us. It's what unites Spoon University! This is the club for anyone that loves food or identifies as a foodie. Spoon University is for all kinds of food love! If you enjoy food in any capacity, Spoon GCU is the club for you!

2. You want to be apart of a community

One of the best parts about GCU is being able to craft your own community. Here at Spoon GCU, we are all about creating a food loving, college community. We know it can be difficult to find a community in college, especially one that shares your passions. Spoon University is the ultimate club to bond with fellow foodies.

Whether you are new to campus and want to join a club for the first time or you have been on campus for a couple years but want to meet new people, you are welcome in the Spooniverse!

3. You have something to say

Whether it is about a new restaurant in downtown Phoenix or the weird smell on Lopes Way, you have something you want to say. There is a creativity in you that you have to share. Here’s your chance!

There are so many different opportunities to share what you have to say about food with Spoon University. Spoon University gives you the tools to speak out on social media, with written stories or visual stories, or even through event planning. Either way, Spoon GCU is the club for you to be able to share your voice.

4. You want career development 

Spoon University offers training in social media, writing, editing, photography, and event planning. Not only that, but once you join Spoon you get hands-on experience in the field you are interested in.

Want to be a writer? Write content for Spoon and you have articles to put in your portfolio. Want more experience as a photographer? You will have the chance to upload your photos into Spoon database and your photos can be used by all of Spoon. Want to go into social media or marketing? Track your Spoon posts and their traction to show potential employers. Want experience planning large events? Work with Spoon GCU to plan one. Spoon GCU is the club for you to grow professionally. 

5. You want to help build something great

Spoon University GCU is just starting out; it's just a baby. We need people with ideas and passion to help build this club into something great. And that’s you! You have the chance to develop this club into whatever you would like it to be. We want our members to help shape this club and make it what it is. Most importantly, we want our members to get out of it whatever they put into it. 

More About Spoon University GCU

Spoon University GCU is a chapter of Spoon University, which is an online food community for young people in college. Spoon University was started for college students to share recipes and food. Since then, it has grown into the food community for Gen-Z with chapters at over 250 universities. As a club, Spoon GCU needs writers, photographers, event planners, and marketers. Spoon University GCU is just starting out and needs people to help shape it to be something incredible. 

Now if I've convinced you to join Spoon University GCU, you should first visit our instagram at @Spoon_GCU. Here you will learn more about our club and see what our club is up to. You can also apply here.  We are so excited that you are interested and we can't wait to build a food community with you!