If you don't have a Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, there is a possibility that you have not yet heard of Spoon University: the dopest collection of foodies working together to create amazing recipes. 

Chances are if you got this far, you have heard of Spoon, and are looking to join a new chapter to meet new foodies, share recipes, and best of all, eat! As the founder of Spoon University at RPI, I would like to introduce this platform to any and all college students who love to show off their own experiences with food and life. Here are five reasons why you should join Spoon at RPI.

1. For you, eating is more than just a necessity of life.

You love eating, we love eating, why not get together with other foodies who are just like you? Luckily, that is Spoon University. Whether it's trying new food trends downtown, or creating masterpieces out of dining hall meals, food is always the reason why.

2. Social media is yo thing.

You post photos of your food on social media (ex. Snapchat or Instagram) anyways, so why not get publicity for it? This is the perfect reason to shamelessly take photos of your food and get it published on Facebook, and maybe even official Spoon University pages where some users get over 10k views, isn't that crazy? That could be your own reality.

3. Do you love writing? Hate writing? Works for us.

Do you enjoy writing, but hate writing about boring topics like history or English books? We gotchu. Here, you can write about pretty much anything, from food, to dorm life, to your own personal experiences. If you don't like writing, that's fine with us too! You can help us market ourselves, join the photography team or work with film. It's completely up to you.

4. We're all stuck here for four years, let's be the start of something new.

In your four years here at RPI, wouldn't it be cool to step out of the flow? Join the start of the new chapter and make a difference on society in front of all your peers? We're at a college, so we are supposed to be trying out new things and stepping out of our comfort zones (while eating). We are looking for people like you, who want to be with the chapter from the start—to make a change on campus.

5. We are all baby-adults 

Even the baby is reaching for the spoon. Unfortunately, we are not babies, and after college we have to enter the real world. Once we do, there won't be dining halls, or nice people feeding you free food. You will have to cook for yourself, and maybe for others as well, so why not learn the how-tos of cooking yourself delicious and easy meals.

And there you go, five reasons for joining Spoon University at RPI. There are more, of course, but we didn't want to bore you. If you want to know about the specifics of joining the chapter, or even being a leader, check this out.

If you already know you want to join, click this thing. Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me (RPI's Spoon Editorial Director) at kauffj2@rpi.edu.