As the Editorial Director of Spoon University's Sewanee chapter, I've been able to experience the best parts of Spoon firsthand. Spoon isn't just a great thing to put on your resume, it's a place where you can be yourself, it's a guide to the food in your world that you get create, and most importantly it's a community that stretches so much farther than the boundaries of the mountain. Here are a few more reasons why becoming a part of Spoon will make your life 10,000 times more fun. 

1.) The Friends

Tessa Fox

Spoon isn't just a place for you to make new friends from the Sewanee community, but a place where you can connect with the coolest of foodies from campuses all over the world (we’re talking Scotland and India).  

2. The Fresh Take

vegetable, tomato, pasture, cherry, cherry tomato
Bess Pearson

You’ll get to share your own unique opinion on your one true love with the whole world: FOOD. Spoon Sewanee is a place where you can do what you want to do. If you have some weird snack combination that you love to eat (and everyone else thinks is gross), take any artsy pic of it and share it on Instagram. Or if you have a family recipe you want to show the world, write about it—the possibilities are limitless (and it’ll impress your future employers).

3. The Followers 

Yin Agbontaen
You can live out everyone’s dream and become Instagram famous. It doesn't matter when or where, with some good lighting and a delicious meal, snack, or drink, you might be one snapshot away from having your photo shared with the thousands of followers on Spoon Sewanee's Instagram page. And if you're lucky, Spoon University might show their 200K+ Instagram followers your work of art. Maybe you can retire early on that Insta money.

4. The Fame

avocado, egg, cream, bread
Bess Pearson
Your article could be seen by thousands of people across the world—talk about a good-looking resume. Spoon Sewanee isn't just limited to food in the Sewanee community; you can write about your favorite restaurant from home or tell the whole world how a personal experience shaped the way you think about food. What you write about is your choice—the Internet is waiting for you to speak! 

5. The Food

spinach, toast, cheese, bread
Hannah Garey

Whether you’re going to write about food or take pictures of it, you’re obviously going to have to eat it too. With Spoon Sewanee, you won't have to sit long hours at your desk in the library writing an article or editing a photograph. Instead, you'll get to go hang out at Shenanigans or take a trip to Mountain Goat Market. What kind of research could be better than that?

If Spoon seems like your kind of fun, then click the join button at the top of our page and get started on the food-journey of a lifetime.