Everybody loves T.J. Maxx, it's just a fact. You can get everything you didn't know you needed, all at a killer price. Discount boots and heels, last season's winter coats, throw pillows, cake pans, and ...cake? While it may be a shock to many, T.J. Maxx has an aisle dedicated strictly to food, and there are a lot of reasons why you should hit it up.

1. You won't need a shopping list

Amanda Gray

During my latest adventure to T.J. Maxx, I came across about eight different flavors of popcorn, four types of vegan protein powder, endless spices, baking mixes, Barney Butter single-serve packs, cookies, nuts, and a bunch of things I can't put a label on. Try to put all that on a list.

2. You will ALWAYS find something new

chocolate, cake, tea
Raiselle Swick

The food selection is different almost every time you go to the store and while this may seem odd, it's completely intentional. According to this article by Bon Appetit, T.J. Maxx's business model is based on running out of product.

The buyers get large quantities of a product (to keep prices low), but don't establish a long-term deal with the company. This leads to a constantly changing supply of items, therefore causing a sense of urgency as customers peruse the aisle. For students with tight budgets and bougie tastes, this means you can count on new items at a lower price every time you go back.

3. You just might find that thing you've been looking for

Raiselle Swick

As a gluten-free, dairy-free eater, finding protein bars is incredibly hard. So when I found my favorite protein bars for an irresistible price, I was pumped. The Gluten Free Bar usually goes for $27 per 12-pack, but low and behold, T.J. Maxx managed to sell it for a mere $17, satisfying both the broke college kid and the extravagant eater in me. 

4. It doesn't count as grocery shopping

Zoe Zaiss

Grocery shopping has a lot of connotations that come with it—lots of money, lots of stress, and lots of time. Going to T.J. Maxx to stock up on a few new treats is more of a holiday than a chore.

If you're picking up a new blazer for your interview this weekend and just happen to pick up some chocolate hemp protein and two bags of popcorn, it hardly qualifies as grocery shopping. This also means that next time you go to Whole Foods you can avoid the expensive ingredient shopping all together and head straight for the fresh produce.

5. You'll feel a good kind of FOMO

You know that FOMO you get when you debate ditching the library because "this party is going to be the best one yet?" Well, that's how customers are supposed to feel while in the T.J. Maxx food aisle, and let me tell you, it happens.

So, next time you make a trip to T.J. Maxx, embrace the FOMO and buy all 10 packs of your favorite organic vegan chocolate chunk cookies, because they really might not be there next week.