The fall semester is underway, and Spoon University at VCU is looking for new team members! What is Spoon you might ask? Spoon University is an online food publication written by college students for college students! In other words, it is the everyday food resource for our generation. You might have seen us over on our Instagram @spoon_vcu, and if you're interested in applying for Spoon as a writer, marketer, photographer, or a videographer, then check out our five reasons to join Spoon University at VCU!

1. You get to explore food with us.

Lann Nakamura

Who doesn't love food? Here at Spoon, we always try out new food on and off campus. You get to try new restaurants in and around campus that you had no idea existed. Also, you get to hang out with us! Some of us love to cook meals together, so if you are a foodie like any of us, joining Spoon is perfect for you. 

2. Get experience and improve your skills.

Lann Nakamura

When you join Spoon, you get to learn a lot about marketing, photography, writing, and making videos. You don't have to be a professional to do any of these things. We are always learning, and we will help you improve your skills and give you feedback! You don't even have to stick to one area, you can always learn the skills of any other one, or all of them. Using our platform Secret Sauce, you can train to utilize different mediums. For example, you can be both a photographer and a writer, or double as a marketer and a videographer!

3. Get the chance to work with an up-and-coming publication here on campus.

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Caitie Veech

Spoon University has nearly 300 chapters around the world in more than 200 cities. Spoon University's VCU chapter is fairly new, and it's growing more and more every day! As a growing chapter, we're always looking to improve our content and expand our team. Spoon University is the place where you can build your own brand and leave a legacy. If you're looking for more experience, or you think you've got what we need to make us better, you should join us! 

4. Have a platform to showcase your talent and skills.

Spoon University

Are you a photographer? Do you make videos? How about social media? Do you like to write? Practice your skills and more importantly, show us what you're good at! We're here to find the most passionate people who can talk food to join our team. Maybe you've heard about Buzzfeed, Refinery29, Food Network, or Foodbeast? Spoon University members have gone on to these places! Not to mention that the Spoon University Facebook page has over 2 million likes!

5. Meet people who have the same passion for food as you.

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Hannah Sarraf

If you love photography, writing, making videos, or social media marketing and you love food, then Spoon University is perfect for you! You don't need to major or minor in any of these to be a killer spoon member! If you have the passion and drive, then we want you! You get to meet people who have the same passion for food as you, and who doesn't like that? Who knows, you might even make a lifelong friendship.

If you’re an aspiring journalist, creative marketer, or entrepreneur that wants to run their own startup, you’re in the right place. So what are you waiting for? If any of this gets you excited, check our Fall 2017 Applications here and join Spoon today!