Hey, Horned Frogs! As we approach the start of a new year at Texas Christian University there is no better time than now to get involved in something new! Whether you’re new to Cow Town or a returning student there are always new things to explore! So why not explore something super fun like Spoon TCU! Some may ask what exactly is Spoon? Well, Spoon University is ran by students, for students who share foodie interests of all sorts! Spoon TCU will offer tasty recipes, articles that explore local hot spots, and all things food related going on around Fort Worth! If you want to get a sneak peak at all the tasty treats around campus follow our Instagram @Spoon_TCU! 

1. Meet others who share the same passion for food!

Kangan Kansal

This one goes out to all my fellow-frog-foodies who follow trendy bars on Insta, research fun cocktails, and love discovering tasty food recipes! What better way to grow your food loving friend group than by joining Spoon TCU! This is also a great way to connect with people in all different majors! 

2. You'll be that go-to friend for all the best recommendations!

Taylor Kozloski

Fort Worth is jam-packed with great food options all around! The Cultural District, Sundance Square, the Stock Yards, and West 7th all have so many unique restaurants and bars for us to explore! You will know every Cow Town hot spot from the best popsicles, burgers, BBQ, bars, etc.! You’re sure to be the go-to friend with all the newest, trendiest recommendations! Go ahead, flaunt your foodie knowledge! 

3. Publish and share all your yummy hard work!

Let’s be honest, everyone has at least a few food photos in their camera roll so why not share those photos on @Spoon_TCU for all to indulge in? Joining the Spoon family will also allow you to publish your own articles and videos on our unique platform for all to see! What better way to share your latest treats with friends and family back home than by sharing an article published by YOU! 

4. Spice up your resume!

Spoon University is a large community with chapters present on college campuses around the world! Join our team as an either an editorial director, a photo director, or a marketing director to further develop your writing, videography, marketing, and photography skills! Former Spooners have gone on to work for Buzzfeed, PopSugar, Food & Wine, Google, Refinery 21, Munchies, and The New York Times! 

5. Joining Spoon TCU may just be the stress reliever you need!

We will all experience those stressful all-nighters and cram sessions so let Spoon be there for you! Spoon is a great way to find your next favorite coffee spot to study at, your favorite 24/7 delivery places, or you may discover a recipe that becomes your new favorite midnight snack! When you’re feeling stressed it may help to take study breaks and shift your focus from your textbooks to tasty treats! Because lets be real, when has a sweet  treat never not brightened your day? 

We hope you join our Foodie family! Apply at:  spoonuniversity.com/apply.