Calling all majors: (yes, you heard that right, all majors) Spoon University at ISU wants you to be apart of our growing chapter. 

There's no question that Illinois State and the surrounding Blo-No area has some pretty amazing eats to offer. Pub II's cheese balls? Yummy Coffehouse vegetarian and vegan food? I mean, come on, ISU has some unique options. But what are those places without foodies like us to share it with the world?

Before we jump into the specifics, Spoon University is a food and lifestyle publication written by students for students. The awesome thing about Spoon is that you don't need to consider yourself as a writer, photographer, or even a professional foodie, all you need to do is have a longing to be apart of something even greater than our campus.

Not only will you have the opportunity to network with local food places and other RSOs, you will also be able to connect with other Spoon students world wide. 

If you're looking for your voice to be heard both on campus and online, you came to the right place.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should join the Spoon University team at Illinois State University.

1. You came for the food

Get ready to learn more about food than you thought was possible: as a member of Spoon, you'll have the chance to create content revolving around food. In addition to the amazing articles you'll be writing (like this one), you'll be creating and attending events involving food. What could be better? 

2. You're ready to put your writing, photography or videography skills to work

If you're a creative person waiting to get actual experience working with a team to create lasting and important content, Spoon if definitely for you. Even if you don't have any experience writing or working with cameras but are interested in diving into this awesome world, that's OK too. As leaders of ISU's Spoon chapter, we are here to guide you through that process to make you a top-notch creator. 

3. You're looking to make connections with people like you

One of the most important aspects of joining Spoon University is the lasting connections and friendships you'll make. Not only do I know more faces around campus from joining Spoon, I've built relationships with the lovely folks at Spoon HQ and other chapters around the country. Take it from a senior; the more people you connect with on campus, the more meaningful your campus experience will be. 

4. It'll make your resume shine

It's safe to say that one large reason for one joining an RSO is to have solid experiences to list on their resume. This is a totally valid thing to do. Not only does joining Spoon University give you something credible to put on your resume, you will actually be confident in the skills you'll gain. 

5. Create content that matters to you

Are you looking for the perfect outlet to express your fondness of food and health? Have you invented the perfect food hack that the world needs to know ASAP? Spoon University allows you to explore the world of food and teach readers about all you know. You'll become a credible writer that people will want to go to for all things food and health. 

Ready to join Spoon ISU now? Apply today!