After waaaaay too long, Spoon University is finally making its mark on KCL! If you’re a budding foodstagrammer or are as obsessed with the London Bridge Farmer’s Market as we are, then we’re dying to hear from you!

We’re looking for photographers, videographers, writers and marketers who are all overly enthusiastic about pub lunches at 'Spoons (because who doesn’t love a good ol’ Wetherspoons every now and then?) and ridiculous food trends and are keen to share their passion with other students!

Not convinced yet (or are, but just want to know more)? Here’s five more reasons why you should definitely apply to join Spoon KCL:

1. You get to know all of the best food spots

London isn’t just the capital of England, it’s also hands down the food capital. From street markets to 2-hour China Town queues (yes, I really stood in line that long just for a waffle), you get to both experience and publish news about all different areas of the diverse range of food available here.

2. You get to connect with other foodies

Grayce Nieberle

Is your Instagram just filled with coffees and pretty oatmeals? (*Slowly raises hand.*) At Spoon KCL, so is pretty much everyone else’s—so gone are the days of being mocked by your friends for that shameless food selfie (now you get praised for it)!

3. You get to work with professionals

Sure, we’re a food-obsessed, student-based publication, but we’re actually part of a high calibre media and news site. This means that we have direct access to absolute pros in the fields of editing, writing and videography who are all based at Spoon HQ and love helping us out (and also love wearing pyjamas)!

4. You could go viral

#Instantfame. Jk, but in all seriousness, some articles published on Spoon have had over 2 million hits. I mean — that would make you basically Beyoncé.

5. You totally have an excuse for picking up that brownie from The Shed now

We’re written by uni students for uni students so of course we’re going to be all over social media. Snacking on a muffin on campus is so much more legitimate when you’re snapping a photo for us too – it’s for work, right? Do it for the ‘gram, lads, do it alllll for the ‘gram.

Sound too good to be true? I promise you it's not! And you’re in luck – we’re currently recruiting and on a manhunt for the best, most food-and-well-being-passionate students at KCL. So if you're ready to step through the Spoon-shaped door, apply here by 1st May! In the meantime, you can virtually obsess over food with us over on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.