It's not hard to miss those eye-catching videos of a grilled cheese sandwich being pulled apart, and being completely lured in by the mess of stringy cheese being shown. And I'm positive we've all clicked on an article that tells us what taco we should make on Tuesdays according to our zodiac sign more than once in our lives. If you've been there, and have always had that desire inside to create incredible articles, pictures, and videos just like those, then Spoon FIU is the place to be!

What is Spoon? Spoon University is a resource focused on all things food, with content made by college students, for college students.  It's not just for those who love to eat (like me), but also for those students who are ardent about cooking, baking, restaurants, nutrition, and the trendiest food products out there. 

With Spoon FIU being currently in the process of being revived, I am so excited to begin this journey and recruit new members to join our team of food lovers. If you are interested in being a writer, marketer, photographer, or videographer, and simply put, a member of the dopest club on the streets, join us! I know, it's hard not to be convinced.

Still need more reasons to apply? 

1. The people you’ll work with will be just like you - 100% foodies.

At Spoon FIU, everyone's lives revolve around food. Morning, afternoon, and night, that's all we think about - and we have no shame. By joining our chapter, you'll get to hang and work with the coolest crew of foodies all the time and talk about your love for avocado toast with us without judgment; we probably feel the exact same way. And yes, we do share our food.

2. Create content you are passionate about.

Would love to have a platform to express the way you feel about fitness and express? Have a zeal for breakfast foods and are just dying to show the world your pristine waffle and pancake photography skills? Spoon FIU is for you, my pal. When you're excited about something, we want to hear about it! With Spoon, you have all the means to share that special topic with everyone. And that'll be your JOB. Yes, creating topics about things you love. Rough life, right? 

3. Learn invaluable skills that can be applied just about anywhere.

At Spoon, it's not just about practicing your writing/video/photography/marketing skills. You'll learn how to be a leader, how to use your voice, interpersonal skills, time management, professionalism, and more. These skills are useful not just during your four years at college, but to succeed at life in general. With everything you'll learn at Spoon, #Adulting will never be easier.

4. Have your content viewed by literally anyone.

Remember that article about the student who ate Halo Top Ice Cream for 5 days straight? It got viewed 777,193 times. Your article, photograph, or video, has the potential to reach millions of people across the country and bring some fame to your name. We're talking features on Buzzfeed, Refinery29, and Food Network. How do you even pass this up?

5. Your resume will be poppin.

Being part of Spoon will give you that edge you need on your resume, and who doesn't want that? Spoon membership shows you are experienced in things like marketing, writing, and photography/videography, making you stand out like no one else when applying to jobs or internships. 

It's a food world here, and we're living in it.

Ready to join? Apply now!