Once again, it's time to filter through all the emails you got from signing up for too many things at the involvement fair and figure out which clubs you actually want to join. But if you want to be part of a community that's all about food, you might just want to skip foosball club and consider Spoon DePaul.

1. You get to connect with other DePaul foodies

Natalie Reehl

Running out of friends to drag to cool new restaurants? Spoon DePaul will introduce you to some new friends whom you can share your love of food with. Plus you'll be able to take photos for Instagram without any judgement.

2. You'll be in the know on all Chicago food news

Victoria Guo

You'll know all the latest trends and best restaurants around campus and the rest of Chicago. As a writer, you might even be one of the trendsetters yourself. 

3. You get to be creative

GIf courtesy of giphy.com

If you have an idea (and it gets approved), you get to write about it. What other org lets you do that? 

4. Selfies with the giant silver spoon (and win other Spoon swag)

peanut, peanut butter, milk
Jelena Colak

If you visited our table at the Lincoln Park involvement fair, you know it's not just free food. You get opportunities to score some cute swag too. Just check out that giant silver spoon we got this past year! 

5. You'll be famous

Gif courtesy of reactiongifs.com

Spoon gets over a million visitors per month and the articles on the site sometimes get featured on Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, USA Today College, and more. All you have to do is write. How much easier could it get?

If you're ready to join the spooniverse, then apply here. And while you're at it, like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!