After a short three months of summer, we're back on the boulevard and Spoon SMU is recruiting. We're looking for people that are as obsessed with happy hour as we are, and get lit at the idea of a new restaurant popping up. 

We need some passionate foodies that are ready to help write about dining hall hacks, photographers that can take fire food pics, and videographers to make those cool Facebook vids. Can't do any of that? Don't worry, we also need a team of marketers to get us more Insta followers and make Spoon a bigger name on campus. If that's not enough, here are five more reasons to join the coolest organization on campus.

1. Dallas has dank food

When you arrive in Dallas, you'll learn pretty quickly about the many restaurants SMU students hang out at. You can always find a group of mustangs at The Rustic sipping on popsicle margaritas, at GAPCO getting their late night pizza fix, and at Torchy's Tacos munching on chips and spicy queso. Dallas has more restaurants per capita than anywhere in the country so there's always a new restaurant to try. You could literally eat at a different restaurant for every meal, every day.

2. Make foodie friends

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If your parents dropped you off at SMU to #adult and you knew nobody, you needed to meet people stat. So, you ran through club rush and joined the Quidditch team and quickly learned you aren't Harry Potter. But you love food, and through Spoon you get to join a team of experienced Dallas foodies who know the betchiest brunches, the chicest coffee shops for studying, and how to make not-so-average ramen

3. Pimp your resumé

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Spoon is the perfect place for anyone that wants to hone in on their writing, video, and photography skills. Your experience with Spoon can pimp out your resumé and even land you a job to earn that cash money. 

4. For College Students by College Students

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Spoon University was created by college students for college students. When I arrived at SMU, I learned that dining hall food can get real old, real fast. Before Spoon, I was a freshmen aimlessly wandering the dining halls eating basic pizza and salad. Spoon is a community of college students that have figured out how to life hack the hell out of the dining halls and taught me how to make spaghetti with my keurig.

5. Sick Social Media

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One of the best parts of joining Spoon University is our fire social media. Nowadays, everyone does everything for the 'gram, so next time you're brunching, your photo could be posted on the @spoon_smu account. Our Instagram showcases the unique restaurants around campus and in the Dallas area. If you're looking for the cheesiest quesos, the craziest tacos, and fried rice at 2 am, just click that little blue button that says follow.

Sounds too good to pass up? Click join to send us an application. We promise a lifetime of infinite flex dollars, GAPCO delivered in ten minutes, and Spoon swag to fill up your wardrobe. JK, we can't promise that, but you'll have fun and at least have people to eat with.