Pios have most likely heard of DUGS - the DU Grilling Society - but many might not know all that much about them other than the fact that they provide free food at their tailgates and other school events (that's right, FREE food). DUGS is just one way to get involved with food on campus, but they've got some pretty great stuff going for them. So, who's ready to get edu-macated about the DU Grilling Society?

1. They don't have ANY club dues

Yes, you read that right. There are tons of really amazing clubs and organizations on campus, but a lot of them have pretty hefty club dues. The fact that DUGS is able to provide food for hundreds of hungry students at events throughout the entire year, at no cost to any of the club members, is (to say the least) awesome. Also, the food they're serving up isn't just hot dogs and hamburgers, they also grill more pricey foods like salmon, asparagus and pineapple

2. They provide vegetarian and gluten-free options

Natalie Oberer

Although DUGS is all about the meat, they also make sure to accommodate different dietary restrictions (especially since the current president is a vegetarian herself). They often grill Portobello mushrooms in place of burgers or steak, and they section off a portion of the grill to make sure the veggies aren't being cooked in the same place as meat. President of the club, Mary Monacelli, says that gluten-free choices are a bit harder to provide for, but students always have the option to omit the bread. 

Spoon Tip: Try using lettuce as a make-shift bun instead, or go all out with this avocado bun burger - just remember to B.Y.O.A. (Bring Your Own Avocado)

3. Members get free #swag

Not only are there no membership dues, if you go to three events and stay for at least an hour helping out, you get a DUGS t-shirt and an invite to a member dinner at Elway's, a nice steakhouse in the Cherry Creek mall. Which is also free. Sensing a theme here? 

4. You can learn valuable life skills

barbecue, pizza
Natalie Oberer

Being a member of DU Grilling Society doesn't just give you the opportunity to learn how to grill, you can also improve your planning and management skills and help to budget out menus, all of which look great when applying for internships and jobs. DUGS alum Ian McNab says that he still has Grilling Society on his resumé and gets asked about it all the time. According to him, you "can't go wrong" by joining DUGS. 

5. You get involved on campus

salad, chicken
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Another great thing about DU grilling society is that it's not a huge time commitment, yet it gives you the opportunity to have some Pio pride and actively be involved with on-campus activities. Not only do you get to show your school spirit at games, but you have the chance to meet cool people, make new friends and enjoy some grilled grub as well. 

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Natalie Oberer

If you're looking for an easy way to amp up your school spirit, enjoy some tasty eats and hone some soft-skills in a relaxed, fun and laid-back environment, DU Grilling Society is definitely the club for you. If you're interested in learning more, check out their Facebook page and sign up for their email list (dugrilling@gmail.com) to learn more about the different events they do. 

Natalie Oberer