If you went through the recent Valentine's Day holiday single like myself, then you might have found yourself thinking about all the valentines of the past and present. Pizza, sushi, ramen noodles and most importantly coffee. That's right—believe or not, you have built a pretty stable relationship with your favorite coffee shop, and here's how.

1. You most likely met through a mutual friend.

You were skeptical at first when your friend told you to check out this new coffee shop. I mean, after the last coffee shop that did you wrong, it was probably best to stick to the chain coffee spots. But alas, when you walked in and smelled your favorite drink, you knew it had a chance.

2. You go through the honeymoon stage.

Like every great love story, you two go through a honeymoon stage. Your coffee shop can do no wrong. There isn't even a long wait time before you get your drink. It's as if this coffee shop is for you and only you. You show all your friends pictures of the coffee on Instagram. It is getting pretty serious. You even stopped talking to that other guy, Starbucks, because your new favorite coffee shop might get jealous.

3. We all make mistakes sometimes.

And boy oh boy did they make a mistake...the occasional wrong order can happen, and depending on your mood, it could shift your whole relationship. They will apologize and insist that it was only a small mistake. In your heart, you know you should forgive them. Sure you wanted a Caffè Mocha, but the Caramel Macchiato was not bad either.

4. You might need a break.

Honestly, coffee shops are pretty expensive, so the occasional break will save you the frustration and your wallet. That does not mean you two will never be reunited. In fact, it means the reunion will be so glorious not even the nearest bakery could tear you two apart. It is like the cliché romantic scene where the guy stops the girl in the airport and she jumps into his arms. Except it will just be you and your favorite coffee shop together once again.

5. Coffee is always there for you.

Whether it is 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., midterms or finals, good days or bad, coffee has been your number one. You have friends, but then there is also coffee. Nothing can replace coffee—except coffee candy, which I would 10/10 recommend.

Relationships are hard and so is finding the perfect coffee shop. My advice: don't rush into things, the perfect cup of Joe will come to you.