Are you a food lover who is also interested in writing, photography, videography, or marketing and event planning? Are you tired of the instability, uncertainty, and stress that is college dating?

Well, today's your lucky day, because Spoon University is here to be your new bae!

Below are a few reasons why you should join our awesome #fam. To understand why you should give your fragile heart, hearty stomach and beautiful mind to an organization that is fun, foodgasmic, and absolute fire, read on.

1. You get to eat at amazing places without being scared that your date may judge you for taking ages to snap that #aesthetic pic

Emma Noyes

If Foodstagramming is a priority in your life, we support you. You deserve better than getting judged by a bad date you met on a hit-or-miss dating site. If someone doesn't understand the importance of documenting the beauty of a skillfully constructed plate, then are they really worth your time?

2. Additionally, you get to eat at said wonderful places and not have anyone judge you for your food or restaurant choice

Because there are few things more annoying in the dating world than someone spending half the meal complaining about the menu selection (too fatty, too healthy and basic?), prices (too cheap, too expensive?), and ambience (too casual, too extra?). 

3. You will always be accepted and appreciated by your new bae's (Spoon U) friend group (our university's wonderful chapter)

Spoon University

In giving your heart and mind to Spoon, you'll acquire an entire new food-loving family. These people will happily trek around the city with you to put together your next big culinary scoop, or will help you plan socials that spread your shared love for the spectacular world of flavours, textures and colours. 

4. You'll always get a text back 

That's right–our editorial team is on TOP of our work, and we want you to be as accomplished as possible. We'll stop at nothing to help you grow as a writer, photographer, videographer, or marketing specialist, in order to ensure that you live your best life.

Nothing but good vibes and encouragement. 

5. We are not needy AF

Unlike the rollercoaster of emotions that is college dating, being a part of Spoon will provide you with a stable schedule in order to ensure that you wisely allocate your time between schoolwork, self-care, and romantic endeavours.

In this case, said endeavours consist of taking part in the wholesome and happy activities of your Spoon University chapter. The best part is that you will only be required to engage at times established at the beginning of your journey. Unlike a stressed and irritable partner, Spoon Uni bae won't pop up with a tirade out of the blue and expect you to resolve the problem in 0.572942 seconds.

And so, if any of this appeals to you, then consider making Spoon University your new bae and join our chapter of dynamic, creative and food-loving individuals. Reasonable time commitment, foodgasmic journeys, and a fun-loving community are just an application away, so what are you waiting for? 

Click here for an experience (arguably) much more fulfilling than dull dates and hellish hookups.