Colorado College students can often be found grumbling about the lack of late-night food on campus, which makes midnight breakfast a total crowd-pleaser. It has been less common this year than last, but that only makes our second breakfast more special. 

Midnight breakfast is a free "meal" of tater tots, chocolate chip pancakes and Dunkin Donuts provided from 12-1 a.m. on certain weekend nights. Those nights are usually the most popular for going out, and Res Life tries to control that by bribing us all into a carb coma.

Here are the top 5 reasons why CC students should always go to midnight breakfast. 

1. Free Food

Arielle Gordon

The best part about midnight breakfast is that it's free. You don't have to spend meal plan money on tater tots, and everyone is included. It also makes entry 1,000 times easier because no one has to look for their gold card to swipe in. It's always served at Rastall, so you can eat as much food as possible in one hour. 

2. High-Quality People-Watching

Arielle Gordon

Midnight breakfast usually occurs during events where CC students wear crazy outfits. The most notable is during Halloweekend. When the entire student body is jammed in one dining hall, there are plenty of interesting costumes to see and people to watch. We shared a table with a Teletubby and stood in line behind an inflatable dinosaur. 

3. Donuts 

Midnight breakfast is one of the few times we get "outside" food on campus. With no chains on campus, we only get our donut fix during midnight breakfast. It is a welcome sight to walk into Rastall and see the salad bar side of the buffet covered with Dunkin Donuts boxes. They always provide a wide variety of flavors, prompting someone to yell, "Oh! That's raspberry!" from the next table. 

4. Pancakes 

Arielle Gordon

Another food we don't get enough of from Bon Appetit is pancakes, but midnight breakfast can make up for that. There is nothing better than grabbing your chocolate donut and getting in line for pancakes. The serving platters are usually filled with piles of chocolate chip pancakes and artificial syrup awaits at the end. Nothing is better than the sticky melty mess these fluffy clouds make. 

5. Tater Tots 

Arielle Gordon

Last, but certainly not least, we have the tater tots. While Rastall occasionally has them available as a side during lunch, it has been proven that they taste better when eaten off a paper plate. Also, everyone else is lining up to fill their plate with potato goodness so no one will judge you for taking an entire plate's worth. Gotta grab them while they're there. 

Although it is not a frequent occasion on campus, Colorado College midnight breakfast is one occasion worth staying up for. With unlimited, free carbs available, be sure not to miss the next one.