Over the summer I developed an unhealthy obsession for Açaí bowls (well in this cause I guess the obsession was technically healthy). With plenty of freshmen terrified to gain the freshmen 15, and other college students trying to prevent themselves from eating that extra bowl of Easy Mac, what's a better solution than something both sweet AND healthy? Here are five reasons why Açaí bowls should be brought to Ithaca...

1. Arguably the most popular food of the summer

Simply scrolling through Instagram or checking up on Snapchat stories, Açaí bowls were everywhere this summer. Essentially the new basic millennial trend. Maybe because they were a cold, non-fattening treat to cool you off in the summer heat... or maybe it was because they are simply a gift from the heavens. 

Being a Jersey Girl, every time I headed down the shore this past summer my first stop would obviously be at Playa Bowls. Now the franchise is quickly spreading throughout New Jersey. Not only are there Playa Bowls sprinkled across the shore, but they are popping up in colleges nearby. 

2. Ithaca could use a lil' foodie pazzaz

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Megan Clarkson

In and around Ithaca Commons, there are six pizzerias, two bagel stores and four places to get ice cream. You know, the priorities. Although Ithaca does have some cool and original places (like Waffle Frolic and 15 Below), we could definitely use some more. Personally, I’ve never seen many Açaí bowl places other than around the Jersey Shore, another perfect reason as to why it would be a great investment to bring one to Ithaca.

3. There are options for everybody

Açaí bowls aren’t just a one size fits all kinda deal. You can quite literally create your own unique bowl right in front of your eyes. You name it, they probably have it. You can choose your favorite fruits, granola and other toppings to match the lovely Açaí. Check any menu of an Açaí bowl restaurant (ex. Playa Bowls) to see their endless amount of options. 

4. It’s an easy way to avoid the dreaded freshmen 15

Come on, we’ve all been there. Snacks are every college student's weakness. The one problem? They are so unhealthy. Diving into a nice bowl of Açaí late afternoon after your last class is the perfect solution to this problem.

Açaí berries are known as a superfood. This is because of the high level of antioxidants that they carry. They carry high levels of vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene. Simply put, antioxidants repair damages in your body due to oxygen. Also, Açaí bowls are usually mixed with your favorite fruits, greens and granola. You might not want to admit it, but a healthy food can actually be one of the most beautiful things you have ever tasted.

5. Just look at them*heart eye emoji* 

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I mean...

Mary Kate Turner

...COME ON....

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too good.