Sooner or later, we all learn (or at least try) to drink alcohol. Could be wine, beer, whiskey or some crazy spirit that I can't even pronounce properly. However, I never  thought of looking at someone directly in the eye while cheersing. They say our eyes are the window to the soul, so perhaps looking directly at each other could establish a bond between you and a stranger or bring other positive outcomes.

1. Eye contact has positive social effects

Psychologically, gazing into one's eye causes sexual arousal and numerous positive outcomes. It even makes you sexier. I guess we all should practice making eye contact so we can look sexy whenever we are at a party and find an attractive person and appeal while cheersing.   

2. Avoding eye contact brings 7 years of bad sex

I too was surprised to find out that in Europe, (apparently) avoiding eye contact while cheersing brings you seven years of bad sex. But I don't believe in myths... well, maybe I'll give an exception to this one.

3. It is generally polite

Eye Contact

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We are all social beings, starving for attention. Eye contact allows us to interact with others more effectively and enhances new relationships. Especially when drinking alcohol, people open their hearts more easily. Making new friends and meeting new people is always a joy in my life.

4. You become more confident

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At a party sharing your heroic moments to your friends or lover? Well great job, but no one is going to believe you if you stare at your feet the whole time. 

5. It tells you everything about the person you're speaking to

Toasting Champagne

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Eye contact is one of the basic body languages we express. Not only does it allow you to scan your listener's attitude towards you, you also learn whether they are enjoying your story (if they nod and smile) or not.

This is why maintaining eye contact is important—especially during a social occasion like cheersing with one another. But make sure you are doing it properly, because wrong eye contact can make you creepy.