If you have ever watched one of the food hacks videos on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or snapchat, you may have heard about spoon university. Spoon University is a food and health publication that’s written by college students, for college students. There are Spoon chapters all over the world-in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and India. Spoon University is constantly expanding and we are coming to the U of M! we are looking for people to join our growing team. If you are a tiny bit interested in food, here are 5 reasons to join spoon university and our amazing team of food lovers. 

1. Of course, you love food!

There's a lot of fun food-related activities to be a part of. From reviewing restaurant to sharing recipes or just a hang out with the team-the line-up of activities is endless!

2. You learn the tips and tricks to taking insta-worthy food pictures.

If you enjoy taking pictures or making videos of food, then look no further-you are in the right place to enhance your skills. You can put lunch on hold to get a perfect picture of the food to post on your social media and we won’t judge. :)

3. You get to share amazing things with the world.

The cool pictures, videos, and articles you create will be seen by a lot of people. If you have an amazing recipe you’ve always wanted to share, post it on here and we will help make you famous because…why not

4. You can create content on anything.

From recipes to food hacks, health tips, exercise routines, the best chicken-pot pie you have had or tips on how to win a food fight. Spoon University is all about creativity and being yourself.

5. It is the perfect avenue for networking

With over 250 spoon chapters all over the world, you will be working with and meeting a lot of cool people. What says networking more than spoon university?

You are just one click away from joining spoon university and all these fun stuff. We are looking forward to having a lot of fun together!