It’s that time of year again — time to  apply to be a member of Spoon JHU. Spoon University is an amazing platform for college students to share their love of food. Being a member of Spoon JHU is incredible, and we've thought of a few of the main reasons you should apply to join today.

1. You’ll be the foodie among your friends.

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As a member of the Spoon JHU team, you will be privy to the latest and greatest food trends around Baltimore. You’ll know the best dining room hacks like the back of your hand and you will be the go-to guide for clueless freshmen and hungry upperclassmen looking for the best eats on and off campus.

2. You’ll have an excuse to explore Baltimore.

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The city of Baltimore has amazing food. Don’t believe me? The Zagat Guide rated Baltimore as #2 in its “The Top 17 Food Cities of 2015,” basically telling the world that Charm City is the sh**. Feeling overwhelmed by all the great options? Take a breath and check out “The Ultimate Student Guide to Eating and Drinking at Hopkins” to figure out which restaurant should be your first stop.

3. You’ll be that much closer to achieving internet fame.

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Have you ever Googled yourself and been underwhelmed by the number of results? Spoon JHU can and will change that for you. Our articles have been circulated far and wide, some have even having been picked up and shared by celebrities like Alton Brown.

4. You’ll have something to add to your resume.

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You will gain so many valuable skills as a member of Spoon JHU: collaboration, working with deadlines, communication, and so many more. And for those who are interested, there are plenty of opportunities for leadership positions that can help you hone in on more specific publishing skills. Lastly, when all is said and done, publishing articles online is an amazing way to showcase your writing to future employers.

5. You’ll meet new people.

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At Spoon JHU, you will find people who love food just as much as you do. No one here will ever judge you for licking the plate clean, and in fact, it’s highly encouraged. All in all, we’re a delightful bunch and we can’t wait for you to join our team!

To apply to join Spoon JHU, simply click this link and fill out our application.