If you love talking about food, taking pictures of food, or even just love cooking quick and easy recipes, then you should think about joining the incredible community of Spoon Haverford. Personally, I always followed the Spoon Instagrams to look at the beautiful meals posted by different colleges, so I wanted to bring it back to Haverford so we can participate in it once again.

We have positions for everyone. If writing isn’t really your thing, we also need photographers to pimp out our Instagram and website and marketers to get the word out about our social media and articles. If you are still a bit skeptical, explore our Instagram @spoon_haverford and check out these reasons for why to join. 

peach, salad, ice, mango
Caroline Aronowitz

1. Because we all love food

Joining the Spoon team here at Haverford means you get to meet other people in the school who are obsessed with food as much as you. Together we can explore all things food.

2. You could go viral

Writing for Spoon gives you the chance to get your ideas out to other college students across the nation, since Spoon University is a website by college students for college students. You can get famous by writing fun, interesting articles that appeal to both you and other students around the country.

3. The Philadelphia area has incredible, unique food for you to explore

Here at Haverford we are blessed to be surrounded by numerous amazing local restaurants. Joining Spoon Haverford will give you the opportunity to work with these restaurants and their incredible food. This means a lot of delicious taste-testing and photos of your mouth-watering meals.

4. You can write about almost anything that interests you

Writing for Spoon allows you to let your creative juices flow (food pun). You’ll get the chance to explore and research anything you want including recipes and crazy food myths.

5. A fun new hobby to also bulk up your resumé

As I said, we have positions for everyone. What might start as just a fun hobby is also a great thing for you to put on your future resumé!

So, if this sounds like something that you would be down for, click this link to apply to be a part of a community that loves food just as much as you do. We are looking for writers, videographers, marketers, and photographers to form our team of foodies here at Haverford.

In the meantime, check out our social media, and be sure to send your beautiful food creations to our Instagram for a chance to be featured and become a Haverford celeb!