Spoon University is making its way to Gettysburg. We need new members to write, market, photograph, and video. Check out these reasons on why you should join Spoon University at Gettysburg.

1. Food

Everyone loves food. Spoon U at Gettysburg is a place for all food lovers to unite. You can share your love of food not only with each other, but also with the entire campus—and some internet trollers.

2. Leadership

Spoon will allow you the opportunities and practices to explore leadership opportunities in multiple disciplines—editorial, marketing, photography and videography. You have the power to learn and work as a team. Most importantly, you get to make it whatever you want it to be!

3. Connections! 

Spoon has chapters all across the country and even some around the globe! Joining Spoon at Gettysburg will give you the opportunity to network and meet people from all over. 

4. Share why Gettysburg is so well-known for its food

Gettysburg has been ranked within the top 15 colleges and universities for best food and in the top five for best dining services.  It's time to share why! 

5. We need YOU

Spoon is not just one person, but a team. We need your help to get off the ground and really be known.   

If you are interested, apply here!