You may be asking yourself, "What the hell is Spoon University?" No, it's (unfortunately) not an organization devoted to cuddling and warm compliments—but it's definitely the next best thing! Spoon University is a food and health website for college students that is written and managed by college students. With already over 250+ college campuses involved, DePauw is finally joining the wave and here are a couple reasons you should get involved, too!

1. Food For Thought (literally)

Writing isn't for everyone but food definitely is. If there's one thing that Greencastle is lacking, it's food choices. We've all been there: "Should we order Marvin's or Papa John's?" Help a fellow Tiger in need by joining Spoon and spreading/creating all the clever food hacks that'll help us all survive campus without going taste bud dead. 

#SpoonTip: "Taste bud dead" is the consequence of eating too much of the same greasy, salty, sweet, savory, or even flavorless food.

2. There's Never Been A Chapter Like Ours

All of the content published onto our chapter of Spoon University will be completely unique to the students on our campus. By joining Spoon, you'll be getting experience in writing, creating video/photo content, marketing or even a bit of each. We are our own bosses here at Spoon! Just think of the resume perks you'll receive for taking part in the first ever Spoon chapter at DePauw. Awesome, right?

3. The Benefits Could Be Sweet

Although your time at DePauw University will eventually come to an end, your involvement with Spoon doesn't have to! Spoon University (the company itself) is hiring and you could make it your full-time job! All your campus involvement could really pay off. You'll also be meeting a ton of new people and making a ton of new connections! After all, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

4. Spoon: A Safe Place

We want this to serve as a safe space for everyone. Our chapter of Spoon University will serve as a way for students to voice their struggles, concerns, and advice. Having difficulty controlling you anxiety during finals week? Write it out. Your experience, put into words, could serve as an outlet for a fellow Tiger who's feeling just as anxious. Your words could save lives.

5. Spoon DPU Swears to Inclusiveness and Togetherness

The transition into college is hard and it's easy to feel like you don't belong. Spoon was pitched to begin on DePauw's campus in hopes that it would bring together many of the communities on campus, in a more personal, unique, and inclusive way. The inclusiveness and togetherness that Spoon has the potential to bring could serve as a tool to educate our campus of all the different cultures present at our university. Through this education comes realization and understanding, bringing unity to a campus that can, often times, feel exclusive. 

DePauw University's Spoon is always looking for new potential members to spice up the chapter so don't be shy, reach out for more information or go ahead and submit an application

Spoon on!