At the University of Bridgeport, students only have a variety of options when it comes to meals, and let's be honest, they aren’t the best. What sucks is that students don’t have the knowledge of Bridgeport to know where to go eat or even what’s open past 9PM for delivery. That is why SpoonUB is a necessity for students. We need the knowledge of food options that don’t always include wasting dining dollars and late night Papa Johns delivery.

1. Learn About Food:

Whether you're a writer, photographer, videographer, or marketer, there's a lot of teamwork and dedication involved with the Spoon Branch community. You get to grow your skills while learning new ones and everything that revolves around food. SpoonUB is giving students a platform where they will be able to learn about what is going on around campus food-wise as well as share the knowledge we have.

2. Unlimited Networking Opportunities:

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Megan Prendergast

SpoonUB is a great way to showcase your talents and connect with professionals. A popular article or video can receive millions of views — now put that on your resume! Spoon also hosts an annual BrainFood convention with speakers and leaders from various food industries. Members from chapters travel to the 2-day summertime conference to learn from and speak with food-loving professionals.

In addition, once you join they add you to groups where members from all over share their ideas and give feedback. Spoon has chapters all across the country and even some around the globe!

3. Expand your horizons:

Estefania Pulgarin-Duque

University of Bridgeport is located in a dead-zone. No one knows where to go eat or even what other food options exist outside of Marina Dining Hall, McDonald's, and Chipotle. Spoon is giving you the opportunity to not only explore outside of your ranges, but to inform other students about the awesome food in the area.

4. You Can Add a Little Something Extra to Your Resume:

Let's not lie to ourselves. As college students, we are all trying to bulk up our resumes. By joining Spoon, you will be able to produce content and it will actually be published online, with your name, for all to see. Some articles get hundreds of thousands of views, and yours could be one of them. Imagine being able to show that to a potential employer. Pretty amazing, am I right?


Estefania Pulgarin-Duque

We all eat so why not use your passion for food to write actual content? Everyone at Spoon shares a passion for food so why not make an excuse to write about your late night food run suggestions. Or even share your personal food hacks and recipes. As we grow, we develop our tastes so why not share with everyone so we can equally grow together.

Overall there are more than five reasons as to why joining SpoonUB. It is not only Awesome Sauce but a fun resume building experience. The sky is the limit with a chapter that is just getting off its feet. As the University of Bridgeport begins to expand, it is important that we show them what else we can expand and we're not talking about the freshmen 15/50 here.

Come join our Foodie family and apply at