From unique recipes and raving recommendations to interesting videos and inspirational stories, Spoon University provides a place for creators to sit around the table and join a community of avid food lovers.

Here are the 5 Reasons to Join Spoon at Liberty University this coming semester.

1. Everybody Loves Food

Spoon University is an online food publication with contributors over the globe passionate about sharing their love for all things food-related. You can be a part of that too! The great thing is that food is a part of our daily lives, so everyone is interested in some aspect of it.

That iced coffee that you tried? Write about it and share your experience.Something new at Starbucks? Post your perfectly angled pics.Found a shop with a cool story? Share it with a captivating video.

There’s always something to talk about. And for us that love talking about it, it's even better!

2. Build Up Your Resume

Opportunities like these don’t come around often. What other clubs can you join where the things you create would be published nationally?

At Spoon, your work has the potential to reach thousands. That’s resume building gold.

3. Gain Experience In Your Creative Field

Classes can only take you so far. Put your skills to the test. Make something you can actually be creative with. Food may not be your first passion, but if you can combine it with what you love the most, you have a great opportunity on your hands.

4. Help Build an Awesome Community

Spoon LU has the potential to be something great on Liberty’s campus. A community of foodies and creatives makes for endless fun. Food parties, contests, and group meetings are just a few of the possibilities!

5. Be a Part of Something New at Liberty

As of November 30, Spoon LU kicked off with just an Editorial Director, which means there’s plenty of room for growth! The bigger, the better. So bring your time, talent, and commitment, and get ready for a food wave like no other at Liberty University.

You know you want to!

Visit and apply today. We can't wait to share the spoon with you.