What Is A Power Bowl, Anyway?

A Power Bowl is simply a trendy, gym-going, barbell-pumping term for a protein packed meal that's all in one bowl. There's reasons you've likely seen pictures of these meals sprinkled throughout your social media feed, and it's not just because they're aesthetically pleasing. Okay, maybe it is, but there's much more to these popular lunches than how they look, and they just may have you considering a ride on the Power Bowl bandwagon.

vegetable, broccoli, kale
Megan Prendergast

 1. Protein, Complex Carbs And Healthy Fats, Oh My!

Load your bowl with brown rice or quinoa for the base, your favorite type of bean for the protein, any veggies you so desire, and a heart-healthy slice of avocado or your favorite sauce to top it off. Now, that's a complete meal worthy of even the most intense Foodie's Instagram account!

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Christin Urso

2. You'll Be A Meal-Prepping Master

How nice it is to have a refrigerator filled with ready-to-eat meals for the week! Placing your prepared food in portion-sized bowls can make weekly meal preparation less of a hassle, and lunch and dinner are oh-so-portable. Added bonus: making your own Power Bowl is WAY cheaper than ordering takeout.

Matthew Wenger

3. What To Choose, What To Choose?

No bowl needs to be the same; the options are plentiful. Are you feeling like spending a weekend in Mexico? Make a Chipotle or Qudoba worthy bowl and have a fiesta in your kitchen tonight. Did someone say that hotel rooms in Thailand are as cheap as $4!? Enjoy a Thai-inspired bowl to hold you over until your next flight.  

vegetable, pepper, onion
Gabby Quintana

4. Everything's Better In A Bowl

It just is, okay? Have you ever tried to scoop up your food by using the edge of your plate as an aid? It's a mess that likely ended up on the table or the floor (or the couch, don't judge me). Bowls are simply the superior serving ware and deserve recognition as such. 

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Julia Gilman

5. Cleanup Is A Breeze

I saved the best for last, or maybe I'm just lazy. Doing dishes is only above finally doing my 3-weeks-worth of laundry pile (mountain), and just below, well, anything else. Making Power Bowls is a major life-hack for those of us that are less than enthusiastic about household chores, while also being equally as beneficial to good health.