King of Pops started when 3 brothers were trekking across Central America and stopped to enjoy a plaleta, which is a Latin American ice pop made with fruit. They loved these popsicles so much that they wanted to try and recreate something similar with their own twist for the States to enjoy. Eventually, the first King of Pops cart was stationed in Atlanta, Georgia. The pops took Atlanta by storm and for a few good reasons.

1. The Pops are Handmade & Organic

King of Pops pops work basically by the rule of “what you see is what you get.” So, when you’re chowing down on a Strawberry Lemonade pop there’s no need to worry about what’s hidden inside… because there’s nothing to hide. The pop is hand-crafted (yes, not made by machines) with fresh strawberries and hand-squeezed lemons.

2. They are Made with Local Products

King of Pops only uses local products when hand-crafting their pops, no matter the location. If you’re purchasing a pop in ATL or Charleston then you can guarantee that you are eating food grown on a farm in that region. This aspect of KoP rocks because supporting local farms and businesses is great for the economy.

3. They Give Back to the Community

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King of Pops doesn’t only support local business, but also gives back to the community. KoP will give a percentage of their profits to organizations they partner with in the community. For example, Charleston’s King of Pops holds a “Pop Off” each year where a portion of the proceeds go to Growfood Carolina, which is a nonprofit organization helping local farmers and the community. They also hold free yoga in certain locations. I don’t know about you, but a frozen pop sounds great after attempting to do yoga.

4. The Flavors are Unique

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KoP has a variety of interesting flavors. For the spicy lovers there’s pops like Pineapple Habanero and Grapefruit Jalapeno and for the fruit lovers there’s pops like Blood Orange and Blackberry Ginger Lemonade. The flavors change throughout the season based on what is fresh (yes, that means Pumpkin Pie in fall).

5. They Have Themed Pops for the Holidays

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Are you the kind of person who loves holidays? Well, so does KoP and they show it with their themed pop packs during the holidays. They have creepy flavors for Halloween, like Zombie Brains, and pops that remind you of home for Christmas. KoP even sells Girl Scout Cookie pops in a pack for a limited time during the year.

King of Pops has so many great qualities besides that their pops taste like heaven on a stick. So, next time you see a cart with a huge rainbow umbrella make sure you stop by strike up a conversation and most importantly grab a pop.