1. They Taste Great 

lions mane mushrooms

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Although lions mane mushrooms have a strange look to them, they are actually known for their amazing taste. Many consider them to be gourmet. With a wonderfully chewy texture, many say they taste slightly reminiscent of seafood. So far I have had them with tacos, which I try to splurge on every Taco Tuesday. 

2. Come in the Form of Capsules and Powder

lions mane mushrooms

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Although it is a luxury to have this mushroom fresh, if you are not into growing your own food they can be hard to come across. Some farmers markets sell them, but not all. Luckily you can come across the Lions Mane in capsules and Powders. I try to add a scoop to my breakfast smoothies, which make them extra special. The Host Defense brand is highly suggested which i usually buy on Amazon.com

3. Linked to Nerve Growth Factor

lions mane mushrooms

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This protein is important for the survival of nerve cells. Lion’s Mane is known to increase the amount of this nerve growth in your brain. This means that your cognition level will increase leaving you with better memory, mood, and an overall healthier brain.

4. Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine

lions mane mushrooms


 The Lion’s Mane is used for helping with stomach problems and cancer of the digestive organs. Other’s suggests that these mushrooms also have antibacterial properties, and can support the immune system against certain types of cancers.

5. Repairs Myelin Sheaths

lions mane mushrooms

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Lion’s mane is often said to be medicine for central nervous system conditions.For example, with Multiple Sclerosis, patients suffer damage to the nerves surrounding their myelin sheaths. Lion’s mane displays no toxicity whenever consumed for this particular objective and it has a beneficial effect on myelin growth. It also encourages and regulars myelin development in a considerably quicker rate.