Green tea is fast replacing the traditional Indian chai in our households. It has become tremendously popular among our generation, and there are some strong, scientifically backed reasons behind this.

1. Green tea helps in building immunity.

green tea

Photo by Sabhyata Badhwar

With so many diseases spreading around these days, we definitely need to strengthen our body’s immunity armours.

2. Green tea helps in losing weight, and gaining fitness.

green tea

Photo by Hannah Giardina

Move over all those starvation diets designed to lose weight, green tea is the drink of the season.

3. Green tea helps prevent against many kinds of diseases.

green tea

Photo by Tiffany Zau

Now who doesn’t like health when it comes in a small, tasty cup? Better than getting all those injections, after all.

4. Green tea also prevents our skin from many damaging elements, and prevents wrinkles.

green tea

Photo by Jennifer Cao

Looks like we have just been let into some beauty secrets here.

5. Last but not the least, it is easy to make, and always tastes great.

green tea

Photo Courtesy of Spoon National

The drink can always be experimented upon; you can try it hot, or ice cold. You can also add some lemon drops for a tangy twist to this favourite drink of yours.

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