The Tavern at Bayboro has been a well-loved spot since it opened in 1982. Eating here is a rite of passage for many reasons, including:

1. Great Food and Drinks

The Tavern is home of the Original Crunchy Grouper Sandwich ($12), which is always caught locally. They also have a variety of other reasonably priced options such as burgers ($6-8), sandwiches ($5-9), wraps ($8-9), and salads ($7-9). With reasonable prices it won't break the bank to add a variety of sides or starters to a meal.

Pair your meal with a pitcher of a variety of craft beer, or even get a pitcher for the table. Interdisciplinary Social Science major, Emma Weiss, 22, said "they have a great drink selection," and would recommend students to attend, especially since they are "less expensive than downtown."

2. Great Location 

The Tavern's convenient location is one of the many appeals, as it is located right next to the university campus, but it is so close that it is practically attached. "They're an amazing addition to the campus," said Weiss.

Senior Accounting major, Jay Harrison said The Tavern is "a great space to relax in a non-school like environment close to campus." If students are living in the dorms, this location is perfect to walk to, and without needing a car – or even walking through the city – it is a safer location to enjoy a few drinks (if you're of age, of course).

3. Open Mic Nights

Every Wednesday, The Tavern hosts an Open Mic Night. From 7 to 10 p.m. everyone is welcome to share their talents with the crowd. This can be a great way for students to express themselves, practice their skills, or simply just have some fun. They even supply guitar and percussion for those who choose to use it. 

"I've heard it from afar and it sounds like a lot of fun," said Weiss. Even if you're too shy to preform, watching and supporting from the audience is just as great. 

4. Live Music 

Everyone knows live music is better than the radio, especially at The Tavern. They hold live music every Friday to entertain their guests, and on Thursday they have a softer acoustic performance going on. 

Being open only five days a week, The Tavern hosts entertainments three of those days. Check it out!

5. Bull Bucks 

While The Tavern may not be "on campus," they do a lot to support the students at USFSP. During consolidation, the Bull Bucks program at The Tavern was almost lost, but it was saved in just one day from students signing a petition. The owners also paid a $2,500 fee to USFSP in order to keep their Bull Bucks location status. 

This fee was a small price to pay in comparison to the business they could have lost from the inconvenience of students not being able to use this specific meal card. The Tavern is well-loved and students want it to be easy to eat there. "To be honest it's a part of the school's culture," said Harrington.