Coffee is a student’s best friend, right? Wrong. Well, let’s call it an abusive relationship. Read on to find out why.

1. No calories usually means more chemicals

Sure, that large cup of coffee might not have any calories, but unless you drink it black, you are going to have to somehow make it sweeter. This presents a lose-lose situation. Either you dump spoonfuls of sugar into your drink, or you rip open a few packets of artificial sweeteners like Splenda or Equal. While these 0 calorie sweeteners get the job done, they are also super unhealthy. Instead, grab a more natural drink like green tea. Not only will you ditch the sugar guilt, but your body will also thank you later. If want it sweetened, use honey – it’s natural and magically boosts your immune system and energy.


Photo by Jessica Payne


2. Bring on the breath mints 

Possibly the worst side effect of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is having to deal with bad breath for the rest of the day. Turn your friend’s frown upside down and trade that cup o’ joe for a piece of this energy boosting gum. Not only will you get that fix of caffeine, but your bad breath will also be replaced with minty freshness. Your friends will thank you, too.


Photo courtesy of Jolt Energy Gum

3. Meal points don’t grow on trees

Although we would all like to believe that meal points are Monopoly money, it’s simply not reality. Coffee drinks are super expensive, especially when you are splurging outside of the dining halls, like at Starbucks or Einstein’s. Instead of spending the big bucks on a drink, use your meal points to buy a guilt-free apple. I know it sounds like a lame trade-off, but an apple a day keeps the caffeine crash away thanks to a high sugar and fiber content.


Photo by Maggie Gorman


4. Your teeth are fifty shades of yellow

We’ve all seen those annoying toothpaste commercials where men and women insist that a smile is the first thing they notice about someone, so why are we letting coffee hurt our chances at finding our soul mates or landing that dream job? Daily cups of coffee can leave your teeth looking yellow and discolored, which is so not the move for most college students. Instead of having a cup of coffee with dessert, treat yourself to a some dark chocolate. Not only does this yummy alternative have around 18 mg of caffeine, but dark chocolate is also proven to be good for you.


Photo by Sean Koetting


5. You are “that person” in class

You know that kid who sits right behind you and will not stop tapping his foot? Or that girl in the second row who insists on tapping her pencil more times per minute than you can blink your eyes? Yup, you are that person. After getting hyped up on 95 mg of caffeine, you absolutely cannot sit still. Put the dirty looks to an end, and trade out that Venti Starbucks Latté for a cup of mint tea. Because mint tea doesn’t have any caffeine, it serves as a great substitute for those of us who crave a hot drink to keep us cozy in the morning.


Photo by Elizabeth Layman