The sizzling pile of home fries on the back of the grill being pushed around, the hustle and bustle of waitresses carrying five different plates, and the glow of a neon "Open 24/7" sign on the stainless steel counter-tops and memorabilia-filled walls create an undeniably comfortable atmosphere. Coming from the South, where diners are not as common, I've come to love the excitement behind these hubs for comfort food and retro decor. Here are just a few reasons why diners will never go out of style, and the best diners to visit. 

1. The aesthetic

Many consider diners the American icon with their strong presence in pop culture and 20th century history. Most classic diners from the 1920s and onward were factory-built which resulted in their usually small and rectangular dimensions so that they could be moved by railroads and trucks from where they were built to where they would operate. This didn't affect their unique personalities, interiors, and themes, though, as a wide variety of people ran them such as Greek-American, Polish, or Jewish families. Going to a diner always feels like taking a momentary step into a past filled with leather booths, stainless steel counter tops, and jukeboxes. 

Where: Lori's Diner (San Francisco, CA)

2. The Prices

You'd be surprised as to how much food $11 can get you at a diner. That's probably enough for coffee, french toast, eggs, toast, home fries, bacon, and extreme happiness. 

Where: The Breakfast Club (Boston, MA)

3. The food

There's just something about glazing your eyes over an overwhelming amount of options on a giant laminated menu. Are you craving a grilled cheese sandwich? A stack of blueberry pancakes? A giant chocolate milkshake? All three? No problem. 

Where: Swingers Diner (Los Angeles, CA)

4. The coffee 

Nothing beats black, bottomless diner coffee especially when it comes in quirky mugs that always seem to make you feel extra cozy. There's just something magical about it. 

Where: Summit Diner (Summit, NJ)

5. The Hours

Is it late and you're suddenly craving your weight in good comfort food? A diner will have your back since it'll probably be open 24/7 so why not celebrate with a 4 A.M. milkshake and mozzarella sticks? 

Where: South Street Diner (Boston, MA)

Whether I'm looking for a place to get a satisfying breakfast, laugh over milkshakes on a Friday night with my friends, or drink  never-ending coffee I know I can always count on diners.